The Lost Bastille


Note: There are two ways to reach the Lost Bastille (both entering at different points of the area), so make sure to read the section relevant to where you enter from.


Entering from the eagle's nest after the Pursuer boss fight in the Forest of Fallen Giants


After your eagle delivery (or bonfire travel if you were here earlier), use the bonfire to stock up and look along the walkway ahead. You should be able to see your first large mummy of the area (think mummy wrapped in a fur coat with a big scythe and you'll get the picture. If you have ranged attacks you may want to lure it over and deal with it before it is a threat later. Head left through the gap in the wall along the narrow ledge that goes around the side of the structure to your left.


At the end of this ledge is a body with a Radiant Life Gem and a Large Titanite Shard to pick up. Inside one of the windows along this ledge is a crossbow soldier. Either backstab or ranged attack him to clear the upper ledge inside. A barrel on this ledge can be knocked down to blow up all the enemies below. Otherwise, you will have to deal with the three dogs the old fashioned way and that can be dangerous. Blow them up instead.



Descend the ladder to the lower area and use the door to the left that leads out to a large outdoor area. A chest in the far corner contains an antiquated key (useful for accessing an optional part of this area later. The other item in the chest is Covetous Silver Serpent Ring which increases the amount of souls obtained from killing enemies increase by 10% (even works with bosses). This can make your soul farming much more profitable (especially if you increase it's plus modifier). Return to the previous room and climb the ladder on the other side. This leads out to the walkway the large mummy was patrolling (if you haven't killed him already). His large swings are easy to dodge if you can back up, so lure him into the room and climb up the other ladder to plunge attack him if you want to finish him off quickly. Or just use hit and run tactics, your call.


Once you are past him, destroy the debris blocking the door to the tower (with a firebomb or flame spell). Open it up to meet Lucatiel once more (she was at the bonfire in No-Man's Wharf). Talk to her several times and she will give you a Human Effigy. You can open the door on the other side to access the other part of the area (read the other part of the area walkthrough in reverse from meeting Lucatiel – ctrl + f her name and you will find it, her picture is also just below the section).



Entering from No-Man's Wharf after the Flexile Sentry boss fight


Head up the stairs onto the walkway beyond. Shortly afterwards you will spot a Heide Knight against the wall to the right. As usual it will not try to engage you unless you attack first. If you are able to defeat it it will drop a Heide Spear. Depending on your character type (ranged or melee, you may want to reach the courtyard below via different methods).


Magic users and archers will want to "thin the ranks" before dropping down below. This means smashing the small cluster of barrels and debris on the left side of the wall (before the ladder) and shooting the large mummy on the scaffolding below. Then target the two dogs on the ground of the courtyard as well. Once they are all slain, head to the end of the wall and drop down into the split between the wall sections. Take the crumbling path to your right and follow it around to find a Soul of a Brave Warrior and a Human Effigy. Head back the way you came and drop down into the clear courtyard.


Melee classes will just have to deal with the large mummy and dogs the old fashioned way. You have two choices here: Either plunge attack the mummy and try to kill it off quickly (hopefully without breaking the scaffolding or you will be trying to deal with all three enemies at the same time. Or head to the end of the wall and drop down into the split between the wall sections. If you want to do this, take the crumbling path to your right and follow it around to find a Soul of a Brave Warrior and a Human Effigy. Travel back the way you came and look for the two dogs on the ground floor and the large mummy on the scaffolding to the left. Once the mummy notices you it will drop down and join the fray so keep that in mind when you begin engaging the dogs. Decide which method you prefer and clear the courtyard.



Now the courtyard is clear you can choose to press on or enter a short optional side area (most useful after obtaining the Antiquated Key from the Pursuer entrance bonfire mentioned earlier as you can use it to access more of this area). There are a lot of items to grab in this small area though (The area contains several weapons and armour items to collect). But you can simply skip over the following few paragraphs if you want to ignore this area.


Optional area:


Smash through the boards covering a doorway near the scaffolding the large mummy was standing on (right next to where you drop down from the crumbled split in the wall) to access a room filled with boards. Be careful of the ones to your left as you enter though, as a royal soldier is hiding behind the second one (smash through the boards with a weapon to stagger him and then finish him off). There are two doorways out of this room. One is open and contains two smaller mummies. Don't be deceived by their weaker appearance as they actually explode by falling over. Yeah. Really. This can deal a large amount of damage if it doesn't just one shot kill you straight off. Use ranged attacks or hit and run after their failed trip explosions to defeat them. Inside the room they were hiding is a Flame Butterfly to pick up.



If you don't have the Antiquated Key, this is as far as you can go in this small area. If you do, open the second locked door and begin backing away to use the door as a bottleneck against the four dogs just outside (only three will move to attack you). Once the dogs are removed, look to the well in the center of the area. Remember the one in Majula? The only difference with this one is that it raises up a cage containing three small mummies. Use the same tactics you used on the previous two to defeat them and obtain the Wanderer Amour set. Now we've cleared the outer area, head past the well into the small alley where you can see a ladder leading up to a small roof area and climb up. You should be right next to a pair of windows. Inside the window on the right is an undead on a ledge inside. Leave this one for now and instead kill the one in the left window first (the windows in are a one way drop so the other crossbow undead would have free reign to shoot you). Now the first is dead, drop through the right window and kill the second. On the ground floor inside is a royal soldier to dispose of as well.


Now the room is free of enemies, head up to where the archer was to spot a clutter of barrels against the wall (one is explosive). Throw a firebomb or fireball (pyromancy) at it to detonate it and blow open the wall to find Archdrake Robes and an Archdrake Shield. Back on the ground floor, use the ladder to reach a corpse with a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier and a Green Blossom. Back down the ladder, smash the barrels in the way of the door on the upper level and slowly approach the edge of the wall to spot a concealed royal soldier to the left of the door, as well as his comrade straight ahead. Quickly finish both of them off and have at the treasure in this room. In the chests contain a Parrying Dagger, followed by a Bone Staff and finally a Twin Blade to pick up.



Also in this room is a Pharro's mechanism that you can use a lockstone on (on the stairs where you entered). Activating it spotlights two hidden passages in the room. One leads to a Soul Vessel and the other to an area past the area boss (allowing you to bypass it) and one of the next areas the walkthrough goes to, Sinner's Rise. But, that is really only worthwhile if you want to skip the 33000 souls dropped by the boss and use up a lockstone. It's your choice. If you decide to do so, you can skip ahead to the elevator area at the end of the Lost Bastille walkthrough (a bold note will point it out for you below).


The path up the ladder out of this room and a long tunnel leads to a later point in this area. This leaves you surrounded by enemies with several to run through to get back to the courtyard you were in before (and safety) so don't take this way out unless you have already cleared the path. Instead, go back out through the previous rooms to the courtyard the safe way, restock at the bonfire and continue on with the area.


Optional area end:


When you are ready to move on from the courtyard, look to the scaffolding the large mummy was on first to spot a narrow passage. At the end an Estus Flask Shard and Large Titanite Shard lie within a chest. Backtrack to the courtyard and smash the other scaffolding (opposite the one the mummy was on) to have a corpse with an Alluring Skull on it drop down. Now it's time to move on, head down the path to the right of the one the flask shard was down and be on a the lookout for a dog around the first corner in front of a metal gate. The metal gate can be opened by simply pulling the switch on the wall to the right, but this releases two more dogs. Use the decent amount of area you have available to back up and dodge to easily defeat them.


Around the corner to the left of where the pair of dogs were should be a locked metal door, this is inaccessible for now so forget about it. Of more concern is the large mummy at the top of the steps to the right. There is a wall behind you (as you look towards the mummy) that can be destroyed by the explosive barrel he is waiting to kick down at you. Try to walk up the middle of the stairs and dodge the barrel at the last second to successfully demolish the wall (the quick and easy way). The other way is to push the barrel down yourself, but this is more difficult as you need to kill the mummy without him accidentally attacking the barrel (or approach from the other direction – via the optional area or the other bonfire entrance). On the note of the mummy attacking the barrel, if large mummies hit the explosive barrels they detonate, damaging the mummy and knock it to the floor. While they are getting up, they are invulnerable but it still does a nice bit of damage to them for free. Plus it's funny to watch. Just don't get caught in the blast.



If you manage to detonate the wall successfully you gain access to McDuff's workshop. Currently he isn't much use to you as he sits there and gibbers (get him a certain ember however and he'll change his tune and become very useful to you). His workshop is littered with several chests ripe for the looting however and a bonfire (which makes the trip to the boss of this area a bit shorter). The workshop chests contain a Large Titanite Shard, Titanite Shard, Heavy Bolts and Iron Arrows. McDuff will also be sitting on a chest and will move if you light the nearby fire brand (he will move next time you enter this area). This allows you access to the chest which holds a Craftsman's Hammer and Twinkling Titanite.


Time to continue along the wall methinks. From where the mummy was perched at the top of the stairs, you should spot another dog to deal with. From where the dog appeared there should be a right turn nearby. Be careful as a second dog will be hiding down here, guarding a corpse holding a Gold Pine Resin. A thing to note here is you can use the window in the building opposite the corpse to shoot two royal soldiers (with arrows) or one (with magic). This makes an area you will reach shortly slightly easier. A third dog will be slightly further along the battlements and another large mummy at the top of another set of stairs to deal with. Once he is destroyed, the path splits.


Straight ahead is a tower you can enter to meet Lucatiel once more (she was at the bonfire in No-Man's Wharf). Talk to her several times and she will give you a Human Effigy. The other door in this tower can also be opened by using the other entrance bonfire or with very good aim with a firebomb from the nearby walkway. Another ladder just outside (to the left of) the tower door can be accessed by using the demolished outer ledge of the wall to climb up and balance along to reach the ladder. Up the top is a corpse holding a Large Titanite Shard which is well worth the acrobatics.



Once you are done with the tower, backtrack to the top of the first set of stairs outside. A broken column can be used to cross over to a small rectangular area. There is a break in the wall next to where you drop down into this small area that can be used to reach the walkway once more (and you'll probably be using it in retreat shortly so make sure to take note). Double check your equipment and supplies (make sure you have some estus flasks and your weapons are OK) before moving along the small bridge to the building opposite. This is the building you might have shot through the window of just before to kill off some royal soldiers. Unfortunately they were only the tip of the iceberg as there are a whole lot more inside waiting to meet you.



When you open the door, you will see at most two royal knights (or less if you shot through the window). They aren't the problem (although they will attack as well if you move too far inside). The problem is the cluster of royal soldiers that will attack (three) in a side corridor to the left (see the image below to see the corridor). The best strategy generally is to use the door as a bottleneck to at least damage the leading soldier or two and then fall back along the walkway outside. Retreat down the gap in the wall that was pointed out earlier if need be as they will take a few seconds to navigate the drop, giving you more time to damage the leading soldiers. The main problem with the soldiers is allowing them to stack up. Their attacks actually pass through each other, so you can be confronted by a whirlwind of blades. This can make killing them off difficult so use the terrain to your advantage as much as possible. Succeed in clearing this top room and give yourself a pat on the back as that is one of the more dangerous spots in this area (besides the boss, obviously).


If you follow the side passage the trio of royal soldiers came down, you will find two more guarding a switch which controls the nearby metal gate. You should be quite efficient at killing these guys by now so go to town on them. Opening the gate here is optional as there is a ladder on the lower level of this building that gives you access to the hallway beyond and means you have less enemies to kill at once (as two more royal soldiers are beyond the gate). The only downside is the extra travel time when attempting the boss who is down the same hallway.



Pull the lever and engage the two royal soldiers or not. Head back into the previous room and then tromp down the stairs. These lead you down to a corpse with a Soul of a Proud Knight and a Human Effigy on it. There is a door in the wall in the bottom room that leads to thin air. Don't use this door unless you want to fall out and die. Use the nearby ladder to climb up to a hallway (you are now on the other side of the metal gate behind the royal soldiers). You can take advantage of this by rounding the corner to the left and backstabbing one of them, then simply killing the second one off. The hallway will have a few open cell doors but there are only two of interest to us. One contains a skeleton holding a Radiant Life Gem, the other (if you are currently human) contains a summon seal for an NPC ally. The mist door at the end of the hall leads to the area boss fight.




Boss: Ruin Sentinels




Personal Death Count: 40+


Attacks –



Note: All the sentinels are individuals but there is nothing stopping them performing the same attack at the same time (i.e: all three performing whirlwind or shield toss at the same time). So be wary of that.


Overhead Slam: The first sentinel will always perform this as soon as the fight starts and you land on the platform. The sentinel raises their war hammer overhead and then slams it down in your direction. Moving backwards out of range or rolling to the side are generally your best bets to avoid this attack.


Swipe and Slam: The sentinel will move their arm out to the side a bit before swinging it towards you in an arc, they will then move it overhead and slam it down in your direction. Roll towards the sentinel and "through the attack" of the swipe to avoid the follow up slam while dealing damage to the flailing sentinel.


Double Swing: The sentinel will move their arm out to the side a bit before swinging it towards you in an arc, then repeat this. Roll towards the sentinel and "through the attack" of the swipe to avoid the follow up slam while dealing damage to the flailing sentinel.


Whirlwind: Definitely the most annoying attack of the sentinels (and lethal as hell). Even worse if you have the bad fortune for them to use it on the small platform (only triggered when the player and sentinel are at opposite ends of the platform). The sentinel will hold it's war hammer behind it for about a second and then spin around rapidly forwards (towards you if you are in front of them). The attack lasts quite a while and you will need to dodge multiple times if you were still in front of the sentinel when it activated the attack. The better option (against a lone sentinel anyway) is to roll towards it (past the attack) and then hit it with ranged attacks while it whirls away. Dealing with multiple sentinels using this attack is ridiculous.


Jump Attack: This one is normally limited to the lower floor (unless you are backed all the way up at the other end of the platform and the sentinel is at the other end). The sentinel will crouch down slightly and then launch into the air, smashing down where you were when they left the ground. Roll to the side to avoid this.


Shield Toss: I personally only ever saw this once, but it seems to be relatively common in other peoples play throughs. The sentinels will wind up and send their shield flying at your position. This attack can be blocked (consuming large amounts of stamina) but if they miss you the shield will be out of action for the rest of the fight, making attacking them easier.


Jump Attack (platform movement): The sentinel will move just near the edge of the platform below and then jump up to is, scything their war hammer in an arc in front of them. They use this as a method of transportation up to the platform, so if you are on the lower level they will never use this attack. Covers a large area but is easily avoidable when you work out their two landing locations.


Ok then, three enemies to deal with at once. A caster's nightmare (which I was playing, as you can see by the death count). There are several ways to deal with these sentries, none of them easy but all of them doable.


First option is to bring in allied phantoms and/ or the NPC from the corridor outside and deal with the sentinels as best you can. If you have enough support, this fight (like most co-op boss fights) is far easier. For specific strategy relating to your class, look at the third option below that matches your character type.


Second option is to be a battle turtle. Restore your humanity, summon the NPC ally in the cell before the mist door and put on your best shield (or dual wield a shield) along with the Chloranthy Ring if you have it. Drop down to the lower area of the room and block the sentries attacks while your NPC ally attacks them from behind. Keep the aggro all on you and once one or two are down you should be able to work together with your NPC pal to bring down the last one/s. This tactic can work very well for melee characters or anyone who has a decent strength stat (enough to wield a good shield). The main downside is if your NPC gets killed off, you are stuck on the ground floor with all three sentinels. This very quickly leads to death.


Third option or the "legit" caster/ archer method (seen in the video). This entails using the ledges for as long as possible to your advantage. You will start off engaging a single sentinel on a small ledge. This can be taken advantage of as only she will attack you here (compared to all of them attacking on the lower floor. Timing your dodges and shots well (and luring her off the platform a few times) will allow you to kill her with relative ease. It's the next part where things can get complicated.


As soon as she dies, the second sentinel will approach from the platform nearby. He will then wait for a few seconds and then jump up to the platform and attack. The whole time he is traveling and preparing to jump is your opportunity to pour the damage on as a ranged character. Swap to your strongest spells and deal as much damage as you can to try and kill him off quickly as about ten seconds after he leaps onto the ledge the final sentry will head over and join the fight.


If you have played your cards right, the second sentry will be nearly dead when you are forced off by the arrival of the final sentry on the ledge. When you drop down, swig an Estus flask (you should have plenty of time) to recover from the fall damage and try to finish taking out the second sentinel. If you manage to do that you will be left with the lone final sentry. An annoying enemy but far easier to deal with than multiple sentries I'm sure you will agree. Time you dodges past him (not away as that will get you killed) and keep pelting away and he will eventually die.


Equal third option is the "legit" melee method. Similar to the above caster/ ranger strategy, your goal is to defeat the lone sentinel on the ledge first before engaging the other two. Time your rolls (remember that the sentinels are right handed) so their right side is generally better to roll towards. Your best opportunities for damaging them in melee are just after their slam attack or if you manage to roll behind them while they are still in their attack animation. Chip away and deal what damage you can until it eventually falls.


The second sentinel will drop down from a nearby platform and move towards your ledge before jumping up and attacking a few seconds later. You will have around fifteen to twenty seconds to deal as much damage as you can to him before the third sentinel joins you on the ledge (jump attack of course). When he does, cut your losses and drop down to the lower area. This is a good time to use an estus flask to recover any damage taken as well as the fall damage from leaping off the platform.


Now it's a matter of playing defensively and avoiding the damn whirlwind attacks (these will drive you nuts). Keep focusing on the already weakened sentinel as much as possible and bring him down as quick as you can to even the odds. When it is down to one on one, take out your frustration on it until the battle is over and you stand alone victorious.


Fourth option: Bypass this fight altogether by using a lockstone on the device found in the optional area earlier to find an elevator that allows you to ignore this boss. Downside, one less lockstone.


Personal note: Cheap bastards, three against one…. argh! One of the most annoying fights so far.




After the mighty feat of taking out all three sentinels, bask in the soul absorption for a second or two and then investigate the ground floor of this area for hidden doors. There are three in total along the walls. One is empty. Another contains a ladder that leads up to a chest holding the Hush spell. On the same level as the chest here is another hidden door that comes out onto the balcony the a corpse was hanging off that holds a Homeward Bone. Back down in the main room another opens up up to a Target Shield. Another on the same section of wall is empty. The final hidden door in this room contains a Rusted Coin.



The only non-hidden door in the room leads to a set of steps up to another balcony, this has a door leading to a narrow path between cells. A cell on the right contains a Soul of a Nameless Soldier. In the final cell on the left in this passage is an small mummy that will explode as you approach (for less damage than usual because of the bars blocking it from you, but still dealing decent damage). Sprint past it to avoid the blast and look to the left when you enter the large room beyond to find a bonfire.



This area is a big split in the game paths. The nearby ladder leads to (with the help of a lockstone) Belfry Luna. The door at the other end of the room leads to (via a few small areas) Sinner's Rise. Our next destination is Belfry Luna though but keep the other location in mind for later. Below I will detail the path to reach it for those that want to clear the path early or for when you need to reach it later in the walkthrough.


First up though, the path to Belfry Luna. Slide down the nearby ladder and be ready to deal with a dog hiding behind some nearby barrels. In this room you can also find a Club on a corpse and Priest's Chime in a nearby chest. A face shaped indentation on the wall can be used with a lockstone to reveal a hidden wall that leads to a door and a small bridge across to Belfry Luna.



Now, the trip to Sinner's Rise (a bit longer than the Belfry Luna one). Head for the door at the other end of the bonfire room and open it. Look to the left to spot a patrolling large mummy. The walkway and nearby tower base (unless you walk out the other door) are clear of enemies so don't worry about drawing additional enemies when engaging him and use the space to your advantage. Once he is defeated, turn around and look behind the door you just came out of to pick up a Soul of a Nameless Soldier off a corpse. Head up the path he was blocking to grab a Human Effigy from a body hiding behind a bunch of barrels.



Now turn around and head for the nearby tower. Inside look left to the other door out and spot another large mummy waiting to ambush you. Teach him the error of his ways to empty the walkway. Travel along it to the gap in the wall (the one overlooking a rooftop, not empty air) and drop down. On the other end of the roof is a body holding a Flame Butterfly. You may recognize the area below from your trip through the boarded up door way earlier in this area (where the four attack dogs were and three small mummies in the well). Sprint and jump across the gap to the opposite rooftop.



On this new footing is a corpse with a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier on it. Climb the ladder next to it to reach a short hallway with two sets of metal gates to your left. Don't pull the switch in front of you yet. Instead, turn right and when you approach the large room, look around the corner to the right to spot a small mummy lying against a stack of barrels. Quickly jump him before he can trip over and explode you. A nearby closed door leads to nothing and the other door in the room leads back to the tower we just came from (before the rooftop jumping).


Now that the path of retreat is clear (you'll see what I mean in a second), return to the switch you passed up earlier. Now the hazard of the switch is that it releases three small mummies around the corner which are stuck behind the bars. One of them is also a new 'type' of small mummy. He has a glowing yellow chest and exudes the petrification status when he trips as well as damage so you want to avoid being hit by that at all costs.



Try to lure them one by one to avoid the whole group attacking you. If only to prevent being hit with petrification. Remember that the whole area behind you is clear of enemies, so backing up is a valid and useful option. Once the hallway is clear, you will look through a door behind where the mummies were to see a room filled with… wasp dirt cocoons? This can be another hazardous area, so let me warn you in advance of the enemy positions. On a ledge directly above you as you enter is a small mummy. Two other small mummies are in the cocoon cluster to your right as you enter the room and will burst out when you get close to them. If you are ranged, you can move left as you enter the room. Then turn around and shoot the mummy above the door. Once he is gone you can trigger the two concealed mummies individually to dispose of them easily.


Now the room is mummy free, there is a little optional item grabbing detour here. Take the path next to the largest mud cage. Looks like a dead end right? Wrong. A hidden door is in the wall at the end, followed by another on the left wall in the hall beyond. This brings you out on the battlements overlooking the courtyard where you fought your first large mummy (if you came in via No-Man's Wharf). Follow the walkway to the left to pick up a Bracing Knuckle Ring, then return back to the door you came out of.


You should spot a corpse holding an item over a small gap. Sprint and jump across to pick up a Flame Butterfly and a Torch (these are handy to light the brassier in McDuff's Workshop to move him off his treasure chest if you haven't already as you will be going past shortly). Now the jump back is difficult due to there being little room to run up. Instead, move along the narrow ledge on the right side of the platform and follow it all the way to the end to find another body, this one containing the Soul of a Brave Warrior and a Golden Wing Shield.



Backtrack along the ledge a little to find a slightly lower ledge to drop down to (the top of the metal gate next to McDuff's workshop). Drop down from there (don't forget about enemies if you haven't exhausted their respawn counters here). You may want to stop off and light McDuff's torch before heading back to the Servant's Quarters bonfire (the one after the boss area) if you haven't already. Work your way back to the boss room, then to the tower past the bonfire to the room with the dirt cocoons once more (killing the enemies again if you needed to rest at a bonfire). Now that we are back in the cleared cocoon room, we get to kill more small mummies. Yay.


Carefully head up the nearby steps to spot two more on the level above. Pull them individually and use the stairs to retreat if you need to. Now head up the next set of steps cautiously for five more small mummies! One of which has the petrifying gold chest. Due to their placement you can still lure these ones one by one (and you definitely should). Lure the one above the steps first, the closest on the left wall second and the others in order of distance.


The open cell door here will have a stone statue blocking the way to a bonfire (you need a fragrant branch of yore to unpetrify him and reach the bonfire). There is also a cell next to him that is accessible if you have the Bastille Key from the Belfry Luna. Inside is a corpse with a Petrified Dragon Bone and a Firebomb on hand. The door nearby will drop you onto a bridge with no means of retreat and is a cruel trick, so don't use it without opening the metal gate in the room below. Speaking of that, head back downstairs and use the switch next to the metal gate to open it. Three archers will be at the opposite end of the wall but don't approach them yet. Instead, take a right turn as soon as you go through the gate and kill the royal soldier around the corner guarding a corpse with a Life Gem on it.



Note: This is the area you can skip to if you used the lockstone to reach the elevator room


Retreat back into the structure and use the door underneath the stairs to find a corpse inside with a Skeptic's Spice on it. You may also notice on a ledge below another corpse with an item on it. This is a Bonfire Ascetic (rare item that resets monster respawns and revives bosses). The only downside is that you will have to drop down platforms to reach it and then the floor below and if you haven't used the lockstone to access this elevator room there is no way back so you will have to commit suicide to get out.


You can also use the iron maiden lift (yes it IS a lift) to reach the ground floor and find a Wilted Twilight Herb in a chest below. Take the elevator back up to the top and get ready to cross the wall to the mist door. The mist door leads to Sinner's Rise. The only problem are the three archers blocking the way. You can sprint across or use your shield to block as you move forwards. Either way, reach the door and enter it to reach Sinner's Rise.



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