Dying Light Guide/Walkthrough

Dying Light takes place in an open world landscape, overrun by the living impaired as people struggle to survive. Dying Light is brought to the gaming world by Techland, best known for their survival and paddle slashing zombie games Dead Island, Dead Island: Riptide and the gun-slinging shooter series: Call of Juarez. Mechanics from Techland’s previous zombie outings, such as heavy reliance on melee weaponry, a crafting system and swarms of the undead are all here in this new zombie infestation. However, some new tricks and additional mechanics have been added to make this experience a little ‘meatier.’ Time of day has a great impact on the danger level in the game. During the day, the walking dead are the slow, shuffling head splatting targets we all know and love…. er, I mean loathe. The undead become much more dangerous at night: gaining the ability to sprint, deal more damage and track players better. Online interaction also seems to be a bigger focus than before, with human controlled infected being able to enter the worlds of other players to wreak satisfying havoc. Many more tweaks and twists have been added to make this an experience you won’t want to have vanish into the sunset.
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