Zombies Invade PlayStation Home

Zombies Invade PlayStation Home


If you’ve ever logged onto PlayStation Home, you know that there is a large population of brain-dead dingbats who are looking to drain the life from you. Well, that population is about to get significantly larger.

Starting in September, zombies from Techland’s upcoming Dead Island will be invading PlayStation Home’s central plaza. The plaza will be remodeled to resemble the Palms Resort on Banoi, a fictional island in the Pacific Ocean and the backdrop for Dead Island.

Up to four players can team up to fight off the horde in one of the ten Dead Island minigame challenges. Players who polish off all of the challenges will be rewarded with an appetizing prize: exploding meat, an in-game weapon.

If bashing zombie skulls isn’t your thing, users will also be able to take photos with the undead and complete a zombie survival survey. The survey should give you an idea about your chances during a real-life zombie attack.

Of course, once you’ve run out of zombies to kill on Playstation Home, you can preorder Dead Island through an in-game kiosk in central plaza.

Dead Island hits PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on September 6.

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