PlayStation Network Down for 11 Hours Today

PlayStation Network Down for 11 Hours Today


Ever since Sony got hacked in April, I’ve been incredibly gun-shy about reporting PSN news. It always feels like I’m purposefully poking my fingers into PlayStation owners’ semi-healed wounds. But, they say the best way to take off a band-aid is to rip it off, so here we go: the PlayStation network is going to be down for 11 hours today.

Now, before you head over to Sony’s website and start sending in complaints, you should know that “the majority” of players should have no interruption game play. But they won’t have access to their user accounts or registration.

And don’t worry, your trophy collection should update after the network is restored.

There’s no word on the reason for the outage yet. Sony’s announcement only indicates that the network simply requires “routine maintenance,” but I’m sure we all have a laundry list of improvements that we’re hoping for. For instance, I hope that Sony finds a way to filter out the attention-seeking narcissists who are perpetually dancing in Central Plaza on PlayStation Home.

The downtime is scheduled for 8AM-7PM (Pacific time).

By Josh Engen

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