Achievement Guide

Achievement Guide

Core Story Achievements

These are unmissable if you complete the main campaign

The Spark – Complete the intro, freeing Dutch's Island

You Are Wrath – Complete The Confession story mission

Saving Deputy Hudson – Complete The Quality of Mercy story mission

Walk the Path – Complete The Bliss story mission

Blissful – Complete the Ignorance is Bliss story mission

Saving Sheriff Whitehorse – Complete the Walk the Path story mission

Only You – Complete The World is Weak story mission

Saving Deputy Pratt – Complete the Casualties of War story mission

Kicking the Hornet's Nest – Take any Region to Resistance Level 4

Together Forever – Complete the main campaign Mission Achievements

A Wing And a Prayer – Complete the Wingman story mission, aka Nick Rye's recruitment mission.

Peachy Keen – Complete Here Kitty, Kitty, aka Peaches' recruitment mission.

Sewer Rat – Complete the Clean Water Act story mission, given to you by Virgil in the Hope County Jail.

Special Delivery – Complete the Special Delivery mission after liberating Holland Valley.

What Now? Complete any three side mission. Look for people with a gray diamond exclamation point over their heads- they're dying to tell you absout a side mission you can undertake.

Science Fact – Complete Larry Parker's questline, starting with Free Larry.


Arcade Achievements

Arcade Player – Reach Level 20 in the Arcade. Every mission you play ups your notional level- just keep playing to get more levels.

Arcade Hero – Play five games of the Arcade Hero mode. It doesn't matter whether it's solo or co-op, both count for this achievement.

Arcade Hunter – Kill 100 enemies in multiplayer. If the achievement hasn't popped, play more multiplayer.

Arcade Competitor – Win 10 multiplayer matches. Hopefully, you'll get this while trying to get 'Arcade Hunter' (or vice versa). Team Deathmatch is the preferred mode here (you have better odds of being on a winning team then being the single best player in solo deathmatch). If you play on featured maps, you can be working toward 'Arcade Enthusiast' as well.

Arcade Enthusiast – Play 10 featured maps in Arcade. Select a Co-Op or solo map from the FEATURED category. You can replay the same maps for credit, but you have to select them from the main menu- hitting replay at the end of the level doesn't count.

Feat Achievements

Squash and Run – Kill 20 hostiles with a car. You can rack up a fair number during the Death Wish story mission. Get the rest either just by driving around, or by assaulting an outpost with a truck. You'll lose your stealth bonus, but that's what Outpost Master is for.

Fertilizing the Land – Kill 5 enemies with a tractor. Either seize targets of oppotunity, or free the Kellet Cattle Co. in John's region to unlock the Reaper tractor, and take it for a spin in enemy territory. It's particularly effective against Angels, who hang out in fields, and don't shoot at you.

Death From Above – Destroy four vehicles with one aerial bomb strike. This is one of those achievements where you have to make your own luck. Corral four vehicles into the same place, somewhere near an airstrip (the greenhouse out at the Seed Ranch a good place for this). It's better to use found vehicles than spawned, the latter of which have a tendency to pop out when new ones are summoned.

Grab anything that flies and drops bombs, then bomb your assemblage.

Opportunity Knocks – Distract 15 enemies with a thrown rock or can. You have an infinite number of rocks, so it's easy to get this during the campaign, if you just remember to use it now and again. Do remember to let the enemy walk all the way to the site of the disturbance before icing them.

Road Gunner – 25 enemies with guns while driving. The Widowmaker story quest is Falls End give you a big rig with mounted guns that satisfy this requirement, and mission itself has more than enough targets to pop this achievement. If you're still a few kills short, drive the 'Maker toward an outpost or checkpoint and open fire.

Where's the Beef – Punch a bull to death with your bare hands. Note that you can be wearing brass knuckles, and you can use the Furious homeopathic. Which you should do, because otherwise it takes forever.

Ignoble Beast – Kill a Bison with a melee weapon. Again, the Furious homeopathic will help, but it's not strictly necessary. Also, killing a Bison already weakened by companion attacks still seems to satisfy the requirement.

Close and Personal. Perform 25 close combat Takedown kills. If you don't like stealth, then Jacob's training course can be an excellent place to pick up more takedowns. Note that, even if you're spotted, you still have a second or two to perform a takedown.

Explosive Surprise – Kill five enemies with Sabotaged vehicles. You'll need the saboteur perk for this, and you'll need some enemies, whih makes this one a little easier to complete before the endgame. One easy way to get this is by picking on the sentinels that guard the silos in John's territory. They always have an ATV close at hand- sneak up and sabotage it, then lure then in with a thrown rock for the coup de grace.

Survivalist- Purchase half of all perks. Completing the campaign and all prepper stashes will give you points enough if you stick to cheap perks, but that's no way to live. You can get more perk pontis by completing challenges, playing arcade, and finding single perk mags. Virtually every location with a name (and several without) have a single perk mag floating around in a bunker or behind a locked door. Keep your eyes peeled when exploring Hope and you'll wind up with more perk points that you can spend.

Ain't No Wallflower – Speak to 50 citizens of Hope County. You'll want to do this anyway throughout the campaign- whenever you see someone with an exclamation pint above their head, talk to them for info on a quest. If you somehow fall short, just mosey into any hub and talk to everyone there, then fast travel to another and repeat.

Scavenger – Complete three prepper stashes. You should really be completing all the prepper stashes, as they're a dead easy source of perks points, wealth, and ammo, but you only need three for this achievement.

Liberator – Free five outposts

Been There, Done That – Complete all hunting and fishing challenges. You will find the fishing challenges vastly easier if you complete The Admiral mission first, and gain the Wonderboy fishing rod. Our fishing location guide is here.

The most elusive huntable animal is the hare, as it sometimes completely fails to materialize in its hunting grounds. It will show up other places, though, so if you ever see one while wandering around, drop everything else to score the kill. The official spot stretches north and northeast of the Moon Flower Trailer Park.

Non-marked spots include the area between the Loresca Residence and Drubman Marina, and around the Can of Worms Fishing Store.

An alpha hare is sometimes visible around Camp Cougars.

Like a Bird – Travel a total of 5000m in the wingsuit. It doesn't have to be in a single trip, and signs through the county will alert you to good wingsuit spots, as will windsocks at the spots themselves. Getting the Air Drop perks makes this trivially easy, though you could also just jump out of plane on your own.

Troublemaker – Destroy cult property in every region. This applies to the signature properties of each area (silos, shrines, and wolf beacons), but destroying supply and fuel trucks marked with the destroy symbol also count.

The Greatest SOB That Ever Lived – Perform a Clutch Nixon stunt in each region. You can find a map of all the stunts in the Spread Eagle

Extra Crafty – Craft 25 recipes. Not 25 different recipes- there aren't that many in the game.

Ace Killer – Destroy 10 planes while driving any aerial vehicle. Note that they don't have to be hostile planes- empty planes on the runway work just fine.

The Hurk Locker – Destroy 15 vehicles with Hurk. Team up with him in Make Hope Great Again and the various convoy missions, as well as The War on Drugs to hit the quota, though don't ignore passing targets of opportunity.

Inventory Achievements

Locked And Loaded – Buy all the attachments for one weapon, skins don't count. This is easiest for the bow- as it only has two attachments (the two different sights). Buy both for the achievement.

Fashion First – Spend $1000 on clothing. You can do this at any merchant, and the game starts with well more than $1k of clothes for sale.

Big Spender – Spend $50,000 on vehicles. All vehicles count- winged, wheeled, rotored, etc. If you complete the campaign and all prepper stashes you'll have more than enough cash for this. Supplement your income by shooting any game animals that cross your path. You can make money in a hurry by fishing with the Wonderboy rod, but it can get a little boring.

Stocked Garage – Buy three vehicles. If you go for Big Spender, you'll get this one at the same time.

Fish Market – Sell 20 Fish for cash. If you're going for all achievements, you'll definitely catch more than 20 fish during the struggle for Hope County Master Angler

Hope County Master Angler- Beat all the state records for fishing. See our fishing guide for the complete 411.

Even if you're not, you'd be well-advised to complete The Admiral mission first. It's a pain, but the Wonderboy rod you get, every other fishing expedition becomes a snap.

Pack Rat – Grab one of each collectible type – whiskey barrel, bobblehead, lighter, comic book, crate of vinyl records, and baseball card.

Multiplayer Achievement

Hitting it off – Complete three missions with a friend. If you're going for efficiency, consider the Prepper Stashes Getaway, Salvage Rites, and Unwelcome Guest, or Hangar Pains if you have the Wingsuit of Air Drop perks. Other very short missions are the ones you get after clearing an outpost – Uncrate, Our Better Angels, and Welcome Party are all very quick. The fastest regular missions are Free Larry, No Means No (if you have an armed helicopter), and Furious. Note that both participants in the co-op get this achievement.

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