Gearing Up (Story Mission)

Gearing Up (Story Mission)

Get this mission from Wheaty in the Wolf's Den after completing The World is Weak.

Your first objective is get the stash map from the Lookout Tower.

The only resistance is two guards at ground level.

Enter the tower and grab the map. Note that it's right next to a collectible comic.

There's a door-slash-plank to the east which makes a good wingsuit launch for the next two locations- Cooper Cabin and Redtail Cabin.

The nearer one is the northmost target- Cooper Cabin.

Five guards stalk the grounds, but no specialists.

Clear them out, then search the cabin. Wheaty will whine about it, but you can find a safe there, and one of the collectible baseball cards.

The actual stash is reached through a shed to the southwest.

The stash itself is a yellow case.

Loot it, then head for Redtail Cabin. This one's even better guarded, with about ten hostiles. They are pretty spread out, however, and can be taken down by stealth.

Again, it's worth checking out the cabin interior. This one has some vinyl records that Wheaty will be glad to have later.

The stash is in a bunker outside to the southeast.

You'll get a new objective to the southwest. This time, hostiles are fleeing with the stash. Grab the ATV up the road to give chase.

It's tempting to just sprint over the hill to cut off the enemy, but he seems to have temporary invulnerability as the mission begins. Instead, follow him down the mount, using your sidearm to take out him and his escort (an autofire or grenade launching sidearm can be particularly helpful).

Loot his body for the stash.

Return to Wheaty in the Wolf's Den to complete the mission.

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