Thief (2014) Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Thief (2014) Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC



Safe combinations

Use the indicated combination to open the corresponding safe:

    Chapter 1: Lockdown – Serendi Jeweler’s Cellar: 739
    The City Part I – Miss Scarlett’s Town House: 824
    Chapter 2: Dust to Dust – Workshop: 314
    The City Part II – Baron’s Way South (South Quarter): 842
    Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets – Upper Level: 573
    Chapter 4: A Friend in Need – Safe Chamber: 319
    Chapter 4: A Friend in Need – Safe Housing: 018
    Client Job 4: The Carnal Connoisseur – Wine Cellar: 812
    Chapter 5: The Forsaken – Treatment Center (Third Floor): 731
    The City Part V – Archie Maxwell’s House: 776
    Chapter 6: A Man Apart – First Floor: 889
    Chapter 6: A Man Apart – Waiting Hall: 017
    Chapter 7: The Hidden City – Loading Docks Interior: 673
    DLC: Client Job: The Bank Heist – Outer Vault: 632

All secret area locations

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There are a total of 73 secret areas in the game. Find all of them to get the “Finders Keepers” achievement. Whenever you enter a secret area, you will hear a metallic sound in the background. In some cases, you also need to interact with certain collectibles, objects, or loot to trigger this sound. Do exactly what is shown in the video below. If something is being picked up, you need to pick it up as well. An area only counts when you hear the metallic sound. To make the metallic sound louder, make sure music is enabled in the options, and lower the “Voice Volume” and “SFX Volume” options. Unlike collectibles and loot, the secret areas are not listed in the statistics. There is no way to see how many you have already found. It is highly recommended to start a new game from scratch and keep a check list. If you do miss an area and do not remember which one it is, you will have to start from the beginning again. Additionally, manually create a saved game every time you discover a new area. The game does not automatically save this progress. Thus, you either have to reach the next checkpoint or create a saved game manually. If you die before saving the game, you have to visit the secret area again. The following is a list of how many hidden areas there are in each chapter:

    Prologue: 0
    Chapter 1: 0
    Chapter 2: 7
    Chapter 3: 5
    Chapter 4: 4
    Chapter 5: 5
    Chapter 6: 5
    Chapter 7: 4
    Chapter 8: 2
    The City: 41

Peephole Easter Egg

In Chapter 3, you will enter a secret passageway in the brothel. Look through the peepholes to find a secret code to unlock the door. Then, go to the far right to find a peephole that reveals a couple having sex.

Chrono Trigger reference

While crawling through the vents in Chapter 2, just after the men discuss disposing a body in the furnace, you can hear the Thief-Taker General whistle Frog’s theme from Chrono Trigger .

Easy “Child Of The Shadows” achievement

The best place to complete a chapter without alerting anyone is Chapter 1: Lockdown. This chapter is very short and has few enemies. The eye-symbol above an enemy’s head must not turn fully red. If it does, they enter combat mode and you are then spotted. If this happens, immediately reload the last saved game. Always stay in the dark, do not shoot any arrows, and do not knock out any enemies. Stay crouched at all times, and use the Shadow Dash to get from one dark area to another when enemies are not looking towards you. Explore the area, and take alternative routes where you do not have to deal with any guards.

Easy “Focus On The Tasks At Hand” achievement

To pick a pocket and lock using the Focus ability, you must first upgrade the Focus ability “Dexterity” to its maximum level. You can buy Focus upgrades from the Beggar’s Queen in the northern-most part of The City. After you have upgraded Dexterity, go to the glowing gate around the corner to start Chapter 2 (can be replayed at the same location if you have already completed it). At the beginning of Chapter 2 is a guard with two pockets and a locked door. Activate Focus vision, and pick the guard’s pocket, as well as the lock of the closed door to get the “Focus On The Tasks At Hand” achievement. You can then pause the game and select “Return To The City” to return to the Beggar’s Queen.

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Easy “Hail Of Glass” achievement

You can find a bottle in front of the “Reynard’s Coffeehouse” shop (open world) in Clock Tower Plaza. Equip the bottle, and aim into the air right above you. After throwing the bottle, you have 1.5 seconds before it hits the ground. Shoot an arrow when the bottle is close to hitting the ground. The closer the bottle, the better your chance of hitting it. You can also try moving around a little by taking a step to the left or right to adjust your aim if standing still does not work. If you know the bottle often lands to your right, then take a step to the right. Save the game before throwing the bottle so you can quickly reload the game and try again if do not hit the bottle.

Easy “Health Hazard” achievement

The best place to kill or knockout 10 people using the environment is Chapter 3. After entering the brothel, go down the hallway on the right. There is a large opium machine in the middle of the room that will knock out everyone in the entire brothel. To do this, you need to manipulate the machine with the Wirecutter. In the same room is a locked door. Pick the lock to reach a room that leads to the area behind the opium machine. There is a panel on the wall. Open the panel, and cut the wires. Then, return to the room with the machine, and pull the lever to knock everyone out and get the “Health Hazard” achievement. Note: You can buy the Wirecutter from any merchant in The City. Merchants are marked with a white bow and arrow symbol on your world map. You can also replay this chapter at any time.

Easy “Modesty Denied” achievement

The easiest map to score 5 million points on is “House Of Bossoms” in “Chain & Gain” mode. This is a very small map with lots of loot items right next to each other. Start by stealthily knocking out or killing all guards on the entire map. Taking out guards will deduct some points at first, but it makes the whole process a lot easier and is the key to success. The goal in this Challenge mode is to collect all the loot in very quick succession. The quicker you collect everything, the higher your multiplier and the more points you are awarded. Once all of the guards have been defeated, you can focus on collecting the loot without any disturbance. The loot always spawns in the same place — so you can remember the locations. The goal is to collect all the loot quickly without losing your multiplier. Simply go in every room, use Focus vision for a short moment to highlight all objects, and collect all items. Then, go to the next area until you have a chain count of at least 150. This should guarantee more than 5 million points, as long as you pick everything up quickly enough and maintain your multiplier. This whole process should take approximately 18-20 minutes. Make sure to never let your chain count break. It breaks if you have not collected anything for a minute. Once you have collected all items, go to the green door between the first and second floor to complete the mission and get a huge point bonus for your high chain count. Before completing the mission, you should only have around 2 million points, but once you finish the map, you will more than double the point total due to the bonus points. Note: Most guards have pockets. Make sure to grab their loot after defeating them.

Easy “Obsessive Compulsive” achievement

The best place to steal all loot and collectibles in a chapter is Chapter 1: Lockdown. This chapter is very short and only contains 60 loot items and 4 collectibles. All of these objects are very close together, and you can easily locate their locations by activating Focus vision. Loot and collectibles will then be highlighted in blue. Make sure to search all lockers, drawers, and safes. You will also have to take some hidden alternative routes and climb up some walls. Some collectibles are hidden behind doors. Thus, every time you open a door, close it behind you, and look to see if there is any loot on the ground. If you miss an object, you can either backtrack or pause the game and select “Load – Chapter Start”. In your Journal under “Player Progression – Statistics” you can see exactly how many objects you have collected. You will get the “Obsessive Compulsive” achievement at the end of the chapter and not immediately after finding the final item.

Easy “Quickly Pick A Lucky Lock” achievement

You can pick a lock with masterful speed at any door in the game that has three pins. Save the game before interacting with the door. Then, try to pick the lock and remember the correct combination. Before unlocking the third pin, reload your saved game to be back in front of the door. You now just need to enter the same combination as before in under three seconds to get the “Quickly Pick A Lucky Lock” achievement. If you fail, just keep reloading your saved game until you are successful. Note: If you have already opened a door you want to try this at, return to the Clock Tower (your hideout), and it will get locked again.

Easy “Old Habits Die Hard” achievement

In Chapter 5: Forsaken, “Moira” is the Asylum in the fifth chapter. There are five golden pocket portraits you need to collect to get the “Old Habits Die Hard” achievement. They are all hidden at the very beginning of this chapter, where you need to search for the key to the female ward.

    1. Go to the men’s ward, and enter the first hall on the right. Climb the tall cabinet on the left to find the first secret stash in an open vent.

    2. After obtaining the first secret stash, jump across to the narrow ledge, and go down the hall to find another open vent with the secret stash.

    3. Drop down, and go to the back two doors of the second hallway of cells in the men’s ward. The last door will be locked, but there is a hole in the wall. Enter the room next to it, and crawl through the hole. Climb up to the vent above the blocked door to find the secret stash.

    4. Go to the elevator shaft in the women’s ward, and shoot a rope arrow into the anchor point. Climb down, and jump through the gap into the room below. Climb the crates to the left to find the secret stash on a pipe.

    5. Climb out of the lower floor through the stairs, then turn left to find a guard room with missing bars. Crawl through it, turn left, and look behind the book shelves to find a closed vent. Unscrew the cover, and immediately turn left to find the final secret stash.

Easy “Two Faced” achievement

Enter the Stonecutter’s Court, then locate the Jeweler’s Shop to the left of the guards that are talking to each other and standing in the light. Enter the shop, knock out the guard to the left of the entrance, then turn to the right. Find the three cabinets below the red drapes. Use a lockpick on the center cabinet to get the first mask. Then, turn around, and sneak into the cellar. Avoid the person working at the desk while moving to the rear left corner of the workshop. Interact with the painting, and use the secret switch to unlatch it to reveal a wall safe. Enter “739” as the combination to open the safe, and collect the other item to get the “Two Faced” achievement.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

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    Obsessive Compulsive: Steal all loot and collectibles in a single chapter.
    Sleight of Hand: Pick 100 pockets in a single playthrough.
    Quickly Pick a Lucky Lock: Pick a lock with masterful speed.
    Something to Prove: Finish the game with a custom difficulty of 700 points or more.
    Dark Archer: Complete 10 optional Thieving Challenges.
    Legend in Leather: Complete 25 optional Thieving Challenges.
    Mint Condition: Finish 3 consecutive missions without taking damage.
    Focus on the Tasks at Hand: Pick a pocket and a lock using the focus ability.
    Moral Victory: Finish the game without a single kill or knockout.
    One Step Ahead: Disarm ten trap mechanisms.
    Clear Headed: Reach the final chapter without using the focus ability.
    Hard Times: Finish the game on Master difficulty.
    Modesty Denied: Score an epic 5,000,000 or more in a Challenge Map.
    Child of the Shadows: Finish a single chapter without alerting anyone.
    Hail of Glass: Shoot a bottle in mid-air with an arrow.
    Health Hazard: Kill or knockout 10 people using the environment.
    Priceless: Complete a collectible set.
    What’s Yours is Mine: Complete all collectible sets.
    Hidden Agenda: Discover 15 secret areas.
    Finders Keepers: Discover all secret areas.
    Cache Dispenser: Use 40,000 gold.
    Working Overtime: Complete all Client Jobs in The City.
    Dastardly Deeds: Complete all Basso Jobs in The City.
    All That Glitters: Steal 5 collectibles.
    More Heist Less Speed: Finish the game in 15 hours or more.
    Happy Birthday: Sweet sixteen. Snuff said.
    Old Habits Die Hard: Found all the secret stashes in Moira.
    Two Faced: Uncovered Lyegrove’s secret.
    The Drop: Finished the Prologue.
    Lockdown: Finished Chapter One.
    Dust to Dust: Finished Chapter Two.
    Dirty Secrets: Finished Chapter Three.
    A Friend in Need: Finished Chapter Four.
    The Forsaken: Finished Chapter Five.
    A Man Apart: Finished Chapter Six.
    The Hidden City: Finished Chapter Seven.
    The Dawn’s Light: Finished Chapter Eight.
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