Get Free (Eli Palmer)

Get Free (Story Mission)

Return to Eli in the Wolf's Den to begin this mission.

He'll give you the deets on breaking another of Jacob's captives from his brainwashing.

You can decide whether you want to sneak in or kill everyone as you enter. You will end up killing everyone eventually, but doing so from inside the hotel gives you more defensive options.

If you do decide on stealth, sneak up the back porch stairs, and don't be shy about icing the sharpshooter there.

Note the mounted gun and ammo here before dragging his body into the shadows. Inside, go upstairs and find your objective in Room 306, on the east side of the building.

Activate the tape player, which will send the enemies running to you. They have trouble navigating the stairs, so it's pretty easy to pick them off as they reach the top level, but do not stage your fight inside room 306- it's too easy for a stray shot to kill your rescuee.

Once the housebreakers have been dealt with, boats of reinforcements and a helicopter will come in from the lake. You can use the mounted guns on the back porch to take care of them.

When that threat is dealt with, two trucks and an ATV will roll in from the front (north) road. You can use rockets if you have them, but note also the gas barrel on the righthand (west) side of the driveway.

Another wave of footsoldiers will come in from the northwest, then there will be one last helo assault. It's full of heavies, so you'll definitely want to toast it before it lands. Luckily the front porch has mounted guns too.

This last kill completes the mission.

You might grab the hunting mag inside by the cash register for some Pronghorn locations before you go.

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