Shooting Gallery (Whitetail Park Ranger Station)

Shooting Gallery (Whitetail Park Ranger Station)

After liberating the Whitetail Park Ranger Station in Jacob's territory, speak to the soldier by the shooting range to get started.

At the range, take a moment to note the location of each target. You should see eight- two are hidden from view right now.

Select a favorite weapon, and shoot any target to begin. Quickly take out the visible eight, which will leave you plenty of time to shoot the other two,which move slowly up and down from behind sandbags in the central area.

This completes the first stage. Shoot a target again to start the second stage. In this one, all the targets slide up and down. Shoot everything that moves, remembering to check the hillside to your right, and the ground right in front of you.

After that is the third and final round- ducks. You have sixty seconds to shoot five, which is pretty generous, though a shotgun or something with autofire will probably serve you better than a bow or rifle.

Complete this final stage, then talk to the quest giver again to complete the mission.

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