Gone Squatchin’

Prepper Stash: Gone Squatchin'

Begin this stash hunt at the Dansky Cabin, high in the western mountains of Jacob's patch.

The prepper note is on a table right by the front door.

Note the box of vinyl under the prepper note.

Head north to the lookout point.

There's no grapple point, so follow the path up. The path liberally coated with blood.

Read the note at the trashed lookout, then continue following the blood.

This time there is a grapple up.

Follow the blue ropes west, swing up to a ledge, then through the a tunnel to another rock face. There's a set of ropes too high to jump to, so you have to jump from the stone ramp opposite.

At the top of the ridge, head east to the dead deer. Just past that is a grapple point down.

Here at last you'll find Dansky and his key. But no Bigfoot.

Return to the cabin and enter it to complete the mission.

Note that the perk magazines are scattered about the cabin, rather than all in same place. There is also a fishing magazine here, with Chinook Salmon locations.

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