Close Encounters (Larry Parker)

Close Encounters (Side Mission)

After clearing out the hostiles at the end of the Hero's Journey talk to Larry again (because you clearly haven't learned your lesson) to begin another mission.

He'll send you treasure hunting in the crop circle well west of Fall's End. It's pretty visible on the map. What you're looking for are glowing, buzzing artifacts. One is in the southmost 'toe' of the design, guarded by three cultists, and emerging from a cow.

One is southwest of the circle, at the Bradbury Farm.

You'll have to jump from silo to silo to reach it. Start by climbing the one with the blue ladder up.

Jump to the short one, then to the platform on the third.

Climb up into the silo, then jump to the upper level.

Climb one last ladder to find the artifact in a nest.

Back on the ground, another artifact can be found in the the middle 'toe' of the crop circle, guarded by turkeys.

Don't feel bad about shooting them, because they will absolutely kill you, if given the chance.

The last one is north of the crop circle, being held by a dog.

DO NOT SHOOT THE DOG. Just catch up with him and pet him to retrieve the orb.

Get all four to earn a radio call from Larry, and mission completion.

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