Good Samaritan (Pastor Jerome)

Good Samaritan (Pastor Jerome)

After freeing Fall's End, speak to Father Jerome in the church to begin this mission.

He's concerned about the Woodsons. Head over to their pig farm in the east of the valley.

There are five hostiles here- usually one for each prisoner, and two skulking about the houses. The one to watch for is the heavy with the flamethrower, who is most likely to torch hostages when the shooting starts, and explodes if you shoot him wrong. Put your best foot forward by coming from the east, and taking out the lone hostile there.

Use thrown stones to lure out the flamer for a takedown.

You can now take out the other hostiles 'normally,' with sniper shots, takedowns and/or companion strikes.

Free the hostages. Once you do, you'll now have to defend the farm from hostiles coming up the road from the south. They're mostly in vehicles, so some well-placed explosions will go down a treat here.

Finish mopping up the attackers to complete the location.

There's also a Golden Trout fishing location map on the counter inside.

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