Out of This World (Larry Parker)

Out of This World (Larry Parker)

After collecting the alien whosimawhatsits in Close Encounters, return to Parker Laboratories and talk to Larry once more for the last leg of this quest.

You'll need to reroute power at the Hilgard Electric Power Station, roughly due north of the lab.

If you don't want to go around to the front, there is a hole cut in the fence at the back, by the base of the tower.

Follow your marker to an electrical panel. As soon as you activate it, alarms will go off.

You now have to activate five switches. Three are at ground level.

Two are higher up. Use the ladder to climb the south tower (the one by the hole in the fence), and from there, zipline over to the last switch.

Hostiles will show up in drips and drabs as you go. You can ignore them if you like, or snipe them as they appear on the scene.

When all switches have been thrown, follow the sparking lines back to the lab. Speak to Larry for an impassioned word lasagna, then activate the generator on the front porch.

Things go weird, and Larry disappears, one way or another. This completes the mission.

Before leaving, do approach the site of Larry's Ascension. You'll find the unique Magnopulser weapon, and also Larry's Shoes, which you can wear as costume item (yuck), and may play a role in the Mars DLC later this season.

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