Nick Rye (Wingman)

Nick Rye (Wingman)

This is one of the longest companion missions in the game, so strap on in. Start by making for Rye & Sons Aviation, south and west of Fall's End, in John's Territory.

The airstrip is under siege, so you'll have to clear out the hostiles first. They'll mainly be paying attention to the hangar, so you can catch them unawares.

Expect to deal with about eight of these hombres. When they've been cleared, talk to Rye himself to launch the mission proper.

Follow your marker to the Seed Ranch, in the southwest corner of the region.

While you're here, you might as well liberate the outpost. There's a wooded slope to the south, and an outbuilding to the east- both are good for picking off wayward patrollers.

Once you've thinned the perimeter, this is a surprisingly easy compound to stealth. There are shrubs and cover everywhere, and the enemies are too spread out to mob effectively. Boomer can be a handy companion here, to tag enemies you might have missed across the sprawling compound.

One strategy is to always keep close to the main building. This will keep the structure between you and many of the hostiles, and you can always duck back into cover at a moment's notice. Clear all enemies (roughly a baker's dozen) to proceed.

Head to the hangar. There's a map of the Seed Ranch area outside, on some black trunks.

Enter the hangar and get in the plane. The hangar doors will open automatically.

Taxi over to the runway. You only need to tap the accelerate button once or twice- do not hold it down. Likewise, resist the the urge to move forward with the W key- it'll only get you into trouble.

Once you're on the runway, go to full acceleration to take off. Note that you don't need to hold down the key- once you're at top speed, you'll stay there automatically.

Rye will guide you through a smoke-ring trail. For top efficiency, don't just go in a dead line from ring to ring. If the next ring indicates a left turn, veer right a bit as you approach, so you can fly through in a graceful curve, rather than an awkward jerk.

After you finish flying the river, you'll get a silo target to destroy. Line it up in your sights and use the machine gun to light it up. The machine gun does take a few moment to spin up, so hold down the fire button until you see the desired results.

Do the same for a riverside Bliss shipment.

And again for two planes about to take off.

Rye will direct you to land. It is pretty easy- just fly low and decelerate all the way. Remember to taxi slowly to Rye, so you don't accidentally hop back in the air.

Just as you arrive, hordes of cultists attack. Their first target is the house. You can engage as normal, but an easy way to win this fight is just to wait inside the house, and Takedown enemies as they enter.

Take down enough, and you'll get a new marker, to defend the hangar.

The best spot here is inside the hangar. Use long range weapons to pick off the enemy, while Rye bombs them from above.

The fight lasts long enough for Rye to show off all his tricks. When that's done, there's an emotional cutscene back in the house, and you'll leave with Rye as a companion, and mission completion.

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