CHALLENGES – Destruction


Note: Gear mods are passives that require a certain amount of the specific gear to unlock. Once unlocked, you can have any combination active, as they can be turned on and off at any time.


Videos will be added when/ if a five gear score is obtained.


Hint: For all destruction, scout the area to find the chaos objects, and plan a path around that. The key point is to try to keep your multiplier up for the whole challenge. If it ticks down, it drops by half.



FOW Frenzy – You will likely want to use the bavarium infused M488 you obtain as a reward for finishing the game instead of the recommended weapon as it makes this much more doable. Remember to hit the jets in the hangar beneath your starting point and the tanks scattered around to start off your multiplier before turning to the larger chaos objects to maximize your score.



Grenade Launcher Frenzy I – Take out the chaos where you start, and make your way down. Take out the perimeter objects, and when you're ready to move on, take out the core electrical unit. This will give you the multiplier time to make your way further down. Take out the radar dish to keep the multiply time up, and take out the fuel sphere. Clean up the rest of the objects.


Hint: Helicopter Frenzy challenges may be easier when you obtain a certain vehicle for beating the final boss.



Helicopter Frenzy I – Don't just target chaos objects. Vehicles and explosive barrels give points. Start small with vehicles to get the multiplier up, and then move onto the electrical systems and fuel tanks for more points.



Helicopter Frenzy II – Scout out the area to find all the chaos objects. Near some of the antennae there are some transponders that aren't marked with red paint you can also destroy. Key here is to keep your multiplier up.



RPG Frenzy I – Use the Fire Leech or regular RPG. The Capstone is less accurate, which makes it harder to maintain your multiplier. This first level of challenge is quite easy and can be obtained in an attempt or two.


Shotgun Frenzy – Don't go for the more armoured targets, like the radar tower. Start at the back with the fuel tanks, and the radar dish on the roof. Then work your way through the electronics. The core electrical unit will need some shots to the back. Once you get the transformers starting to explode, around 3-4, the rest will chain. Use this time to go up the hill and shoot the fuel tanks. If you take too long, your multiplier will go down to 4. Take out the two other electrical substations in this area.



Support Vehicle Frenzy – Use the vehicle in front of the tunnel. Shoot the two electrical systems in the tunnel, then turn the turret around to hit the doppler tower, and the three radar dishes (one in the distance). Take out the electrical systems next to the building, and then head left around this building. Once past, shoot the fuel tank, and the core electrical unit. Then drive through the gap to the left. The core electrical unit should explode, keeping your multiplier up while you move. Take out the three transformers and the radar dish.


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