Note: Gear mods are passives that require a certain amount of the specific gear to unlock. Once unlocked, you can have any combination active, as they can be turned on and off at any time.


Videos will be added when/ if a five gear score is obtained.




  • Enemy vehicles only start spawning after you deposit your first load of Bavarium in the pit, so use the enemy free time beforehand to return a massive initial load, returning smaller ones after the enemies appear.
  • Scout the area beforehand to find where the large quantities of barvarium are.
  • Use the default vehicle as it's lack of speed makes it easier to control the bavarium pile you drag around. Sports cars and other fast vehicles make it too hard to control.
  • Try to get a large amount at once, but be careful not to get it caught on anything, or move/turn too fast, or else it will cause a slingshot effect which throws the bavarium loose from your magnet.
  • Moving slower is advised, but you can only tow so much without losing it, and after a while (after returning your first load) enemy vehicles start shooting you and make travel generally more difficult.
  • Be extremely careful of the explosive barrels scattered around the area as well as the hunks of rock can trap the barrels within, causing an explosion when you return to the pit, blasting your haul into the sky and spreading it everywhere.














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