Mission 03 – Mario’s Rebel Drops



MISSION 03 – Mario's Rebel Drops

Mission area: Baia
Prerequisites: Must have liberated the town of Manaea before this mission becomes available


Ah, the sea breeze on your face as you wander over to the garage marker and step on the mission start point. Mario is the quartermaster for the rebels on Medici, meaning he's going to introduce you to how his garage and chop-shop system works, along with how to call in supplies on the move. As the mission begins, he'll set a marker on a 'mystery destination' about a kilometer away. Hop in a car or prepare yourself for a fairly long sequence of grappling to reach it. Believe me, a decent car is a lot quicker as my horrible run of grappling in the video will prove.


When you arrive, the only vehicle you'll find is a lone scooter. Looks like Mario's given us a classy set of wheels to start off with. Get on the scooter and take to the road, following the blue marked path of arrows back to the garage you started from. After the fairly lengthy ride, park the scooter in the blue painted area in front of the garage to add it to your vehicle inventory (although why you would ever want to use it again is beyond me).



Now that the first vehicle is stored, get off it and walk over to the nearby stash of beacons. These allow you to call in equipment, vehicles and supplies from Mario anywhere in the world (as long as there is enough physical space for the drop). Enter the menu by pressing the button shown on the prompt that appears. From here go to the rebel drop tab and select the loadout that the game advises (eubus eagle helicopter, any two handed weapon and any dual wield weapon). When your selection is complete, press Y/ Triangle.


Now you need to place the beacon to call in your request. Press RB to throw the beacon to a location where there is room to fit a chopper. A few seconds later a shipping crate will fall from the sky delivering your goodies. Santa must have a pretty big sack this year ;).



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