Mission 11 – Connect The Dots



MISSION 11 – Connect The Dots


Oh Sheldon's back again. After eventually informing Rico about gunboats homing in on Dimah and Mario, Rico will be off to save them. When you regain control after the scene, jump in the helicopter beside you and head out across the bay toward the marked boats. Your chopper is equipped with missiles (LB) and a mini-gun (hold RB), so drop down low and strafe the bastards from your overhead position. After the third ship drops beneath the churning waves, your path to Mario and Dimah will have SAM sites on the islands along the way, so be ready to play aerial dodgeball with extremely dangerous red balls (as if rapidly moving red balls aren't generally dangerous).


The best method is to gun the helicopter, swaying left and right as you go to avoid the incoming attacks. Your allies will be fighting off a decent number of gunboats in the waters below when you arrive. Start dropping bombs down in the form of missiles to clear up the enemies and add some flotsam and jetsam to the sparkling blue waters. Just be careful of the SAM site on the island next to your allies boat as it isn't very friendly.



After the water defense is complete, enemy helicopters will appear and start attacking. If you are still in the helicopter, you'll want to rake them with machine gun fire as you strafe to avoid the same from them. As mentioned before, you need to be extremely careful of the SAM site below. If you're in the water however, you should make a beeline for the SAM site and hack it as quickly as possible to deal with the aerial threats above. I mean you could go to the effort of grappling up and taking down the choppers, but this is so much quicker and easier.


When the final chopper goes down, grapple onto your allies' boat and enter the cockpit. Ahead of the boat is a field of mines. Great. And the boat steers like a someone's broken it already. You'll want to be slow and methodical here, as the boat steers very clunkily and hitting too many mines can deal significant damage to your vessel (and there's more minefields ahead by the way). Weave through the field and race past the incoming enemy boats towards the marker, letting Mario fire at the boats as you streak past.



Grapple to the marker onshore for a quick scene, and then get back to driving the boat again. You'll follow the coastline around a corner to find… yay, another minefield. Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge your way through the red balls of death once again to reach a small island with another marker. A quick grapple later and you're back in the boat once again. Follow the gorge, entering the tunnel at the end emerging into yet another bloody minefield. This one is by far the biggest, but the mines are fairly spread out so it shouldn't be too difficult. When you reach the opposite shore, you'll finally find a pair of living informants.


However, the enemy forces in the area plan to make them as dead as the rest, so you'll be on defense duty once again. Take out the series of incoming gunboats (via grapple and LMG to the face or RPG from a distance). Then the helicopters and finally the large cruiser that arrives. Yeah, despite the enemies, this shouldn't be very difficult. So just have a blast. When the battle is over, the mission will end after a few scenes play out. Poor Moorio.



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