A minigame in outermost Egypt, toward the Hala side. The giant glowing panel is hard to miss.

Step up to the console to take psychic control of a dungbeetle.

This is one of the trickier minigames. The goal is the push the ball into the ramped pit at the left. The key to remember is that, while the ball can roll in any direction, your beetle tends to align itself to the eight cardinal directions. Rather than trying complicated billiards maneuvers, just aim to place the ball anywhere on the center line, then push it straight into the goal.

If other beetles get in your way, attack them to death. They'll respawn, but in a different (hopefully more convenient) spot. Getting three goals unlocks a gold brick from the nearby trophy case (next to the dungball merch table), and earns a point toward Minigame Master.

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