Oh the Inhumanity!

Oh the Inhumanity!

Catch up with Magister Karnak in upper Attilan to begin this quest for a rogue Inhuman.

Start with a standard rumor hunt. All the informants are in Attilan, so you don't need to travel too far. The two data Karnak needs are the one about the doors of the palace, and the one about fulfilling Maximus' sacred duty.

Head to the palace to confront the transformer, then chase him as he leaps away. You'll now go through the same scenario three times- wheneverr you catch up up to him, the transformer will be disguised as some form of patio decoration. Look for the piece of furniture (or potted plant) that keeps wobbling in excitement, then destroy it. This should be- A chair by a small table,

a solitary bench,

And a large fern.

Clock the transformer to complete the mission, and unlock Karnak for purchase.

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