Vibranium Vanquisher

Vibranium Vanquisher

Defeat the vibranium robots. They'll generally be surrounding a distressed citizen- 1. On top of the G-cade Building.

2. In the Old West, right by a large hexagonal shell in Xandar

3. On a Nueva York rooftop

4. On the shoreline, near the border of Asgard and Sakaar.

5. On the dam in the Hydra Empire.

6. On the outer, Asgardmost corner of Xandar.

7. Along the outer edge of Ancient Egypt, slightly clockwise from the Dungball court.

8. On the ground level of Wakanda, in the shadow of the palace complex.

9. Behind the palace in Hala

10. Atop a Nueva York building that's pushed inside the borders of Medieval England.

Defeating all the Vibranites unlocks the Milano for purchase.

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