Hydra Hijinks Collectibles

Hydra Hijinks Collectibles

True Believer: 115,000 studs

Secret Character: Secret Empire Captain America

Take the ladder down from the grav booster room. In the upstage right corner of this level is a sliding puzzle.

Solve by reversing the scramble (though this one is harder than some, because the scramble is zoomed out). Still, the sequence is lower-left tile, middle-left tile, center tile, middle-right tile, lower-right tile, bottom-middle tile, center tile, middle right tile, lower right tile. This solves the puzzle and reveals the character token.

Stan Lee: At the extreme stage right of the level, before confronting Klaw, find Stan Lee being menacing by two goons with flame-throwers.

Beat them up as per usual (distance attack to dizzy, melee to kill) and you'll free Stan.


(1) In the very first room, upstage upper level, smash a crate to make some pull-loops.

Uset them to yank down the stacked crate, and reveal a 'kit.

(2) Destroy all five Captain America posters. One is in the very first room, upstage left, lower level.

One is in the dual-laser room, halfway up the stage-left wall.

One is on the stage-left wall as you descend the ladder beneath the grav-bomb room.

One is in the grav booster room, stage right of the balcony level, just behind the shield bumper.

One is left of the ladder you climb after clearing the garbage barricade, toward the top of the wall.

(3) Magic up a crate at the downstage end of the dual laser room to make a portal.

This takes you the room below, with the 'kit.

(4) In the room just past the laser room, mind-control the HYDRA lackey into standing on the pressure plate, which drops a minikit next to you. You can also use him to smash up the room for a few extra studs.

(5) Stage left of the room with the grav booster is a hackable lazer maze. Run it to open the small door under the giant HYDRA logo, and reveal a minikit.

(6) Down the ladder from the grav-booster room, a minikit is hidden out of sight behind the stage-left boiler.

(7) In the grav booster room, after you've used the lever to lower the crates to build the grav booster to clear the room, use that same lever again.

More pieces will drop from the ceiling. Use them to assemble a tiny rocket, which can you ride like a vehicle. Waves of silver-suited hydra lackeys will start to attack- use the rocket's weapon to destroy them.

Destroy 10 for the minikit.

(8) Just above the final console inside the ship, the one that opens the gate to Klaw, is a shimmering box. Magic or teke it to get the pieces for a minikit.

(9) In the dogfight sequence, shoot down ten of the green-and-yellow balloons. There are more than ten in the air, and your plane will follow the same loop over and over, so if you miss a few, just be patient until the next one come into view.

(10) This last one's a doozy, though the minikit detector brick can make it slightly easier. In the point of your loop when the spire is on your left, and the HYDRA blimp has just slipped out of view on your right, look up to see a minikit floating in space. You can't steer much, but steer toward it as much as you can to snag this final kit.

Doing all that completes the level.

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