K’un Lun Konundrum Collectibles

K'un Lun Konundrum Collectibles

Stan Lee: At uppermost levels of the cave, fly toward the camera as far you can, veering slightly stage left. You'll see an isolated little shack.

Blast the cobwebs off the door, an slice the vines. Some red-vested ninjas may trouble you, but just chuck them off the cliff's edge if they do.

Cutting through the vines frees Stan.

Hidden Character: Coleen Wing

In the final dragon fight, stage right, is a cage caught on the rocks. Use magic or telekinesis on the white backpack there to free some pieces.

Use these to buid a grav booster, then use the grav booster the pull the cage hurtling to the rock.

Pick the character token from the wreckage.


(1) When the mission begins immediately turn around and head stage left. There's a minikit hidden in the entrance way

(2) In the very beginning area, fly up to see a sun-lit little section with some danger-sense marks center stage left.

Have a danger-sensitive character explore the area to dodge a giant gold bell falling from on high.

Melt the bell to reveal a 'kit.

(3) At the uppermost levels of the cave, fly toward the camera, veering stage right, to see a setup with three gongs.

As the camera is eager to indicate, the correct sequence in which to strike the gongs is blue, red, green.

Do just this to blow up the treasure chest which contains a minikit.

(4) At the mid level of the cave, fly forward toward the camera to see a (somewhat crude) silver dragon.

Explode it to get the parts for a minikit.

(5) At the lower levels of the cave, upstage right past the fireworks cache, is a yin-yang portal.

Spin time all the way forward, then blast the targets now visible.

Now spin time all the way backward to pass through the door, and retrieve the minikit.

(6) At the lower levels of the cave, slightly upstage from the webline, is a plank you can stand on. Send someone with Mind Control to that spot, and possess the skeleton warrior down below.

Walk him upstage to the gate, and use the same button to transfer your mind-mojo to the other skeleton there.

Use that skeleton to collect the minikit.

(7) In the final dragon room, follow the path all the way downstage, as far as it goes, to find a minikit at the end.

(8) In the dragon room, keep an eye out for the five green-pots-in-straw around the room.

Two are on the left side of the room, two on the right side, and one down by entrance.

Getting all five is worth a minikit.

(9) Look for a bonepile upstage right in the final dragon room.

Dig it up for a treasure chest, then melt the chest for the minikit.

(10) Upstage left in the final dragon room, look for some small flames you can douse.

Use these pieces to build the final minikit.

Doing all this completes the level.

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