Torg-nado Collectibles

Torg-nado Collectibles

True Believer: ~65,000 studs

Stan Lee: In the odd apartment you can portal to in the first room (by blowing up the silver coral on the upper level, stage left), smash the furnishings for the bits to build a pull-loop.

Pull down the Murphy bed to free Stan.

Hidden Character: Blue Marvel

Smash the smashables by the foot of the not-very-many stairs in the first room.

Build these into a grav booster, and activate it.

This shifts the rubble in the corner, and reveals the Blue Marvel character token.


(1) Destroy the five silver snake statues throughout the level. Two are in the very first room.

One is where the glass tunnel finally leads outsides, just before the vine curtain.

The last two are in Attuma's room.

(2) On the upper level of the starting room, stage left, is some silver coral. Blow it up.

Use the pieces to build a portal, and open it.

Through the portal is (vaguely Rapturous?) apartment, with a minikit floating in the middle.

(3) In the upstage left corner of that same apartment is a marvel vent. Slip through to a farm area, and dig up the downstage left dirtpile for a 'kit.

(4) Charge up the electro port on the upstage wall of that same farm room for yet another minikit.

(5) Swim to the very top of the first chamber to find a 'kit floating on the ceiling.

(6) When deploying the robot fish to bite Attuma, first use the fish to bite the floating treasure chest in the upper left. There's a minikit in there for you.

(7) The moment you're 'outside' (ie just before swimming through the giant sharkmouth), swim straight up.

Now swim left- so you're passing over the tunnel you were just inside of. At the end of this path is a minikit.

(8) Just after you leave the glass tunnels, but before going through the sharkmouth, slice open the vine curtain upstage to reveal a minikit.

(9) Just by the hinge of the giant shark skeleton's jaw is a clue marker.

Follow the trail to some minikit pieces.

(10) Hidden behind the dorsal fin (sort of), of the shark skeleton.

Do all these things to complete the level.

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