Bonus Mission 4: Defying Conventions

Gwenpool Mission #4: Defying Conventions

This mission begins at Timely HQ in Manhattan.

Kick things off by destroying everything here. Howard's bazooka works nicely, particularly against the silver vending machines stage left.

There are a few blue studs, and one purple stud through the door stage right (you can't see them, but you can take them). Once you've grabbed those, build the loose pieces into a speaker system, and activate it with the console.

This gives you access to the main room. Wow the crowd by blowing up the Hulk-Buster armor stage left.

Smash the armor and the pamphlet table next to it, and build all the pieces. This create a Gizmoduck-style upgrade for Howie, and a grab bar for the platform above. Use your new spring heels to jump for the bar.

Up top, switch back to Regular Howard (by holding down the button you press to switch characters), and use your sonic attack to free Stan from his display case.

Collect your kudos, then transform back into Semi-Iron-Duck, and bop down to centerstage to melt the gold speakers there.

Rebuild the pieces into one, slightly larger speaker, then hang from its activating lever as Howard. Switch to Forbush Man, and use the speaker beats to ascend to the stage-right upper level.

Once there, smash the throne, and use it to build a rotary switch.

Turn this to slide the Cap America poster leftward. When it's gone as far as it can, attack the poster to reveal a hidden port thingy.

Lastly, slide the Infinity Gauntlet down to Howard, who can melt it down with his heat beam.

Then, still as Howard, target that port in the Cap poster, and hit it with your regular (non-beam) distance attack.

This gives you a swing pole, and also activates some loose pieces stage left. Jump to the upper level, build those pieces into a ramp, and leap to the pole.

Once across, use the console to blow up the arcade machines. In a neat and orderly fashion.

Using these pieces and the gauntlet pieces, you can now build your videogame.

The game is pretty easy, though counter intuitive- rather than avoid the egg projectiles from above, you want to catch them.

Reach level 10 to complete the mission.

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