Bonus Mission 5: Collectibles

Toe to Totem Collectibles

True Believer: 15,000 studs

Stan Lee:

Near the end of the story, when you've built the water cannon to wash away the Totem, first turn it to the burning piano stage right.

The revealed pieces can be used to build a crank for the piano. Turn the crank to free this level's Stan Lee. In Free PLay, you can use someone with an ice-beam to douse the piano earlier.

Pink Brick:

During the course of the story mission, you'll have to build a trampoline out of a shattered chandelier, and acrobat across the nearby scaffolding.

Hanging from the final pole activates a Rube Goldberg machine that eventually douses the fire on the stairs, and releases more pieces. Use these pieces to build a little shooting gallery where the scaffolding used to be.

Use the gallery and shoot ten targets. Easy stuff, especially as there doesn't seem to be a time limit. Victory unlocks the Stud Attract pink brink.

Hidden Character: Darkhawk

Use magic or telekinesis to agitate the oversized bottle atop the covered wagon stage right.

After it destroys the wagon, use a heat beam to melt the gold arms of the safe.

Plunder the safe for the Darkhawk card.

Do all this to total the level.

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