Stan Lee in a Cave

Stan Lee in a Cave

Enter the cave in the outskirts of the K'un Lun to find an odd situation. Start putting thing to right by de-icing the frozen guy on the ceiling.

His fall will free up some pieces. Assemble them into a loop-handled box, then pull it right back open.

This frees even more pieces, a frozen turkey, and another guy. Assemble the pieces into a trackball controller, and unfreeze the turkey.

Assemble the turkey bits to place it over the cookfire, then use the trackball control to turn it on the spit. Counter-intuitively, you'll want to keep reducing its 'health.'

When it reaches zero, the roast will catch on fire- douse the flames.

This finishes the cookery and lures Stan from his snowbank, for mission completion and a gold brick.

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