Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave

Find a walled off cave in central Lemuria, with a magic rune and a chatty Lemurian nearby.

Solve the rune to open the seal, in theory. Sometimes the wall doesn't retract all the way, and sometimes your camera gets stuck in the cave mouth. But it's still possible to solve the puzzle. Start by digging up a verdant dirt pile inside to reveal a crystal orb'd artifact.

Use magic on it and it will carom around the cave, burying itself it the floor a little closer to the entrance. Dig it up again.

This time when you magic it, it will embed itself in the cave ceiling, but also knock loose some pieces. Even if you can't see them, follow the glow.

Build the pieces into a pull-loop, and pull it.

Magic the orb one last time to finally unearth the brick.

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