Every Time Ash Ketchum Died In Pokemon

Every Time Ash Ketchum Died In Pokemon

Death is a concept that has been explored multiple times in the Pokemon franchise. Sometimes the topic is handled in a kid-friendly way. Other times it’s left to a darker interpretation. Pokemon’s anime protagonist Ash Ketchum is no stranger to death as he has died a whopping six times across his tenure as the frontman. Now to be fair, these “deaths” are always instantly reneged but for a series as light-hearted as Pokemon, it’s interesting that the writers aren’t afraid to kill off their main character. This is every time Ash Ketchum died in Pokemon.

Screenshot of the Pokemon Anime after Ash's Demise.

Ash Is Crushed

The Pokemon Tower.

Pokemon Season 1, Episode 23 “The Tower Of Terror

First Broadcast: September 2, 1997

It’s almost as if The Pokemon Company couldn’t wait to kill off Ash as they do so in the first 50 episodes of the series. Ash tries to catch Haunter and Gengar so he can use them to help him against Sabrina. One thing leads to another causing a chandelier to fall from the ceiling. This kills not only Ash but Pikachu too. Haunter and Gengar drag their souls out of their lifeless bodies and drag them into the night sky.

Ash Turns To Stone

This distinctive remake gives the intimidating Mewtwo a new look.
This distinctive remake gives the intimidating Mewtwo a new look.

Pokemon: The First Movie

First Broadcast: July 18, 1998

This movie follows Mewtwo, a bio-engineered Pokemon. Mewtwo escapes the lab where it was created and wants to prove that it’s the ultimate Pokemon. When I think of Ash dying, this is the first instance that comes to mind. Maybe because I remember crying as a kid watching him be turned to stone. There is a clash between the pivotal characters Mewtwo and Mew that almost ends the world. Ash sacrificed himself trying to end the Pokemon war but luckily he was revived by the tears of the Pokemon.

Ash Is Consumed

Screenshot of Jessie being consumed in Lucario and the mystery of Mew.

Pokemon: Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew

First Broadcast: July 16, 2005

Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew teaches Ash and the rest of the Pokemon cast, the legend of the Aura Guardian. Pikachu suddenly disappears and is taken to the Tree of Beginnings. In this title, there’s a blob that was engineered to eradicate any human that comes in contact with it. Ash falls victim to this blob alongside other main characters from the Pokemon anime. Luckily for them, Mew revives them all.

Ash Drowns

Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the sea Scene

Pokemon Ranger And The Temple Of The Sea

First Broadcast: July 15, 2006

In this movie, Ash, Pikachu, and Lizabeth agree to work with a Pokemon Ranger named Jackie who’s trying to deliver a manaphy egg to the Sea Temple on the ocean floor. Ash ends up dying trying to restore the crown of an underwater castle. Ash’s death here is no one’s fault but his own as he drowns while trying to fix the crown. However, he isn’t dead for long because once again he is saved by magic specifically the magical abilities of the sea crown itself.

Ash Freezes To Death

Scene from Pokemon Black: Victini and Reshiram

Pokemon Black Victini and Reshiram

First Broadcast: July 16, 2011

This movie follows Ash and his friends Iris and Cilan as they enter an annual battle competition in Eindoak Town. In this movie, Ash succumbs to the elements. He’s unable to survive the freezing temperatures of outer space however Victini revives him as if nothing happened.

Ash Vs Marshadow

international release poster.

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You

First Broadcast: July 15, 2017

This movie is unique as it takes place in an alternate timeline. It is a very loose adaptation of the anime’s pilot episode and its first season. In the 20th Pokemon Movie, Ash meets his untimely demise at the hands of mythical Pokemon, Marshadow. The Pokemon sends a large group of beasts to overwhelm Ash with attacks. Ash is unable to survive the creatures and dies leaving behind only a scuffed hat. Pikachu is devastated by his trainer’s death but he’s able to revive him through a mystical portal.

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