Sliding Tile Puzzle

Sliding Tile Puzzle

At the base of the Statue of Kangerty is a caged brick and a console.

Take note of the brick image, because when you activate the console, it'll scramble up and you'll have to solve it again. You can do this just by reversing the steps of the scramble- move the block in the right-middle spot to the center. Move the block in the upper-right corner down into the empty spot, the keep the filling the gap with the next counter-clockwise block, until you get back to the bottom, and can slot that bottom-corner tile back into position. Or solve the puzzle normally- it's not a big puzzle.

This doesn't yield the brick, but it will unbar a lever elsewhere on the statue base.

Pull that lever, which will unbar another lever, etc. Pulling the last one finally frees the brick.

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