Thaw ten ice cube'd citizens in snowy Manhattan.

1. Street level, on the corner of the Manhattan area closest to the Swamp (by a van race).

2. On the roof the Quadrocon building, the quarter-circle one by Avengers Mansion.

3. Atop the G-Cade building, right under the sign.

4. In an alley by the Kronos building. From the street, it's blocked by three hazard cones.

5. In a ruined building in the water.

6. On an iceberg nearish the swamp and Liberty Island.

7. In the ruined, snowcovered building toward K'un Lun.

8. Partway up the Wakanda-facing side of the Oscorp building

9. On the ledge of that building with the man-in-a-red-star-logo

10. Among the mountains near the Quadrocon building.

Freeing them all unlocks the Hydra Interceptor.

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