Park Patrol

Park Patrol

After completing Cosplaying Hooky, pick up this side quest by talking to Koi Boi and Chipmunk Hunk in the Wakandamost corner of the park.

Accept the mission and purple baddies will immediately start teleporting in.

Smash them, follow the boys to the next spot, and repeat. The enemy forces are varied – some flame throwers,ninjas, and generators in the mix. But it's nothing you haven't seen- the main danger is accidentally blasting one out of mission range. If you follow the boys to a new ambush spot and nothing happens, retrace your steps and look for orphaned baddies. Otherwise, the strategy here is fight, fight, fight.

Beating all comers completes the mission, and unlocks the Chipmunk Hunk.

It also unlocks a Gwenpool mission in the park.

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