Acrobatic Race Puzzle: Medieval England

Acrobatic Race Puzzle: Medieval England

This one's a little odd in that it appears as a puzzle, rather than a race, and you are required to beat it before the area boss will appear. Also, you win a brick, rather than a character token. Also, like most acrobatic races, it's terrible.

The first tricky spot is the leap to the poles- jump from the roof corner to give yourself enough space.

Once you reach the roof, note that you have to jump from platform to platform, you can't just run along the ridgepole. This can be confusing, because the goal hoops themselves disguise the next platform, but just peer closely and have faith.

Lastly, on the final approach, the near roof is shallow enough that you won't slide off it, so run across that, then to the final plank.

Complete the race to unlock your brick.

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