High Rise Hypnosis

High Rise Hypnosis

A puzzle in Nueva York that would be very annoying even if weren't so buggy. Here are the principles. There are two sky ways. To get the brick, the electro ports on either end of the top sky way must be charged, and the nearby levers pulled.

Charge these ports by mind controlling the people in the lower tunnel. Set one on the stage-left pressure plate, then have the other use the far left lever to cycle power through the three rooms above.

The camera should show you when the meter fills, and the lever opens for each end.

Now you need to pull both levers. To access the end rooms, the people in the top sky way need to press the red buttons. Switch which button is available with the stage-right most lever in the lower skyway.

Also, characters can't do anything while they're being electrocuted, so you have to switch the electricity back and forth again as well. Get a character a clear path to each lever, and it will unlock the brick hanging under the upper skyway.In theory. In practice, one of these fiddly, mind controlled nobodies will mostly like get stuck in a wall, clip through a floor, or suddenly become immune to mind control at some point in the process. Fly far away and return to start from scratch. If you're lucky, however, one of your companion characters will appear inside the skyways to assist you.

However you manage it, pull both levers to release the brick, then fly over and grab it to be done with this madness.

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