Quake a Picture

Quake a Picture

After running your errand for Coulson, catch up with Daisy behind the Alchemax building.

She'll send you off with a list of photos. As with the 'Pictures for Parker' mission in Central Park, you'll know you have viable shot of your target when the brackets in your viewfinder turn green. Note that you *can* get multiple targets in the same shot- this might mess up Daisy's dialogue a bit, but you'll still get credit for the pix.

By the same token, you can zero in on the shots you don't have yet by just spinning around with teh viewfinder, and looking for dead brackets. These will indicate where you need to go next.

When you've got all your photos, return to Quake. If some photos have multiple targets, she might *act* like you're still missing some pictures, but once you talk to her, she'll give you full credit. This is enough to complete the mission and unlock Quake for purchase.

This also unlocks the Gwenpool mission Simulation Situation in Ancient Egypt.

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