Sakaar Parkuur

Sakaar Parkuur

Find this challenge in Sakaar, where a few bugfolk children have apparently been left to starve to death inside a cage (and they continue to trash talk you while you attempt to save them. Vexing).

The goal is pull all ten switches in the acrobatic course as you make your way to the roof. You'll pull the first three on the starting building, then cross a webline, and pull the rest.

This puzzle can be irritating- sometimes the briefest contact will cause a switch to sink into place, sometimes you have to wait for it to engage or it'll pop back up. The safest way to victory is wait for each switch to lock, but remember that not all the poles are switches- some you can swing off instantly. You can also save a few seconds by jumping along the web line.

Reach the top under the time limit to free the kids, and earn a brick.

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