Avengers World Tour

Avengers World Tour

This is the guide to story mode of this mission- find the collectibles guide to Avengers World Tour here.

This mission begins in the Avengers Mansion- you'll start out in control of Captain America and Wasp. You can smash things now, but you should probably wait- you're about to get a mission to search the whole mansion for parts anyway, and those parts haven't materialized yet.

Instead, head right to talk to Tony. Accept his mission (which is really the only option), and a scavenger hunt list of 10 parts will appear on the right of your screen.

One is right here in the hall, stage left of the stairs.

Fly or go up the stairs for a spring on the stage left balcony.

There's a piece on the stage right balcony as well. This is the last piece in the Foyer.

Another piece will have materialized by the fireplace in the Lounge,where you started the level (stage left of the main hall).

Use Wasp to fly to the upper level of this room to see a gear on the stage left balcony. That's the last piece in here

Return to foyer, go all the way back/upstage (ie away from the camera) and hang a left. This will take you the Avengers Trophy Room. There's a piece by the central console.

There's also a gear atop the bookcase balcony stage left.

The last two pieces are in Gwenpool's room, which is stage left from the Foyer on the upper level (look for the sign).

There's a gear right by Gwen's console.

And the last one is stage left of her bed.

Smash anything else you like in the Mansion (though pickings are slim), then return to Tony with the parts. He'll join your party- use him to assemble the machine, then fix it.

Note that the minigame directions will change as you progress- keep a sharp eye on the hints to see what to hit when.

Fixing it reveals a secret stairway in the corner. Follow it down to take your call.

This will launch you into a three-part mission. The first part is She-Hulk, Cap, and Thor in a frozen wasteland.

Proceed up the path, smashing stuff. She-Hulk has a jump-smash that is particularly effective.

Assemble the buildable blocks at the top of the path to make an Captain America platform. Have Cap stand on it, then switch to She Hulk. Use the special button near Cap to have him alley-oop her upward

Use the climbing bars to reach the clifftop.

Up top, go stage left and stand on the pressure plates there. Thor should join you automatically, but if not, fly him up and into position.

This will drop some blocks which Cap can build into a giant fan (the perfect thing for artic weather), allowing him to reach the bars and join the others.

Cap is a good choice to take out the turrets by the front door here- just pass your cursor over them in aim mode to get a target lock.

There's a Stan Lee and a gravity booster downstage of the big door, but you can't do much with either right now. Instead climb up the stage left tower (where you just saw the satellite dish collapse in cutscene).

Use Cap to quench the flame with his shield.

Smash the dish (more), and then use Thor's charge ability to channel lightning into the revealed port.

This opens the lower level door. Smash everything inside, then use Cap to activate the shield switch.

This releases some parts, but not enough to open the big door. You'll have to complete the stage right tower, for that, but it's very similar to this one. Use She Hulk's strength to tear the green-handled door off the upper level.

This reveals another port- again use Thor to charge it up.

This opens the lower level. As before, smash everything, and use Cap to activate the shield switch. This gives you enough parts to built the rotary switch for the main door.

Fight a few radiation zombies inside (could they have been cured? We'll never know). Cap's shield and She Hulk's smash are both good ways to damage many at the same time.

When they're gone, you'll need to pull a trick shot with Cap's shield to proceed. Smash up everything in the room, as per usual. Use constructables on the stage left side to build a shield-bumper.

There's already a shield bumper on the right side of the room, but it's blocked by some unsmashable cargo crates. Push them out of the way (either direction works).

As Cap, return to the downstage shield-platform, and take your shot.

When control returns, Shulkie and Thor fight a zombified Cap. You can't hurt him while he's in shield mode (his health bar will display with a padlock over it), so just wait until he relaxes or throws his shield, then barrel in.

If things start going badly for one hero, just switch to the other and keep pummeling. When Cap goes down, the local boss-bad shows up. He has two main modes. In the first, he's invulnerable, puppeteering rad zombies while chucking the occasional distance attack. Kill all the zombies to trigger mode 2.

In mode 2, his shield drops, and you just want to hit him a lot. Watch out for the stray distance attack, but otherwise just keep dealing damage until he summons zombies again, and repeat.

His defeat triggers a longish cut-scene. When you regain control, you'll be with the Iron Man / Cpt. Marvel team, and a junction of brightly colored pipes.

You can hop in each pipe to take you straight to your goal, but there's more to smash/explore by following them from the outside.

As usual, there will be many things you can't interact with yet. Ignore them, and follow the yellow pipe to a very lightly guarded door. Blast the two hostiles, then destroy the hatch cover stage right of the door (you'll need to use the laser power, but both characters have it).

Pull the lever behind it to open the door, and trigger a slightly bigger-but-no-tougher fight.

Blast them to pieces, destroy everything in the room, then use Iron Man's grenade power to destroy the silver hatch in the ceiling.

Float up, blast the last guard, then interact with the generator to deploy the first bomb.

(Side Note- the ceiling units here, and everywhere else in the base, don't yield studs).

On your way out, you'll be attacked by Attuma. He'll grapple one of you- just attack with the other until he goes away (you won't need to empty his whole health bar).

Return to the junction and follow the blue pipe. There's another big door with two more easily dispatched guards.

Easily dispatch them, then swim all the way up the elevator shaft (stage right), to find a pile of fixables.

Switch to Tony and follow the on-screen prompts. This will create a crank. Activate it for the elevator to pull up its cargo and dump it by the big door. Smash the cargo and build those pieces to make the door lever.

Opening the door causes four more fishmen to immediately attack. They're still creampuffs, so blast through them, then follow Wasp's advice to have Captain Marvel walk shielded through the laser grid.

Smash everything, then bomb the generator for an Attuma encounter just like the last one.

Send him packing, then follow the last, red pipe to its end. As with the first door, laser off the hatch and pull the lever, then defeat one more wimpy ambush.

Blow the room and the generator to finish the minimission, and switch to the final set of heroes.

Smash all the smashies, then use Spiderman or Ms Marvel to try and save the teetering SUV stage right.

You fail, but some parts appear. Use them to make a tightrope anchor point, then follow your Wasp Hint to have Spiderman web them together.

Cross the rope and fight Shocker. Just keep punching, but dodge back when he starts to warm up his area attack (the area of danger will glow red).

When he's taken about 1/3 his bar's worth of damage, Mysterio will appear. Ignore his illusory goons, and use Ms Marvel to tear the side off a truck upstage right.

The pieces freed allow you to build a Ms Marvel platform. Use the platform to pull Shocker back into the fight, and pummel him until downed.

Mop up any stray smashables, then take Spidey to the spot by the truck where all the question marks are dancing (this is your famed Spidey-Sense). Entering the area triggers an attack by the Vulture, but a quicktime event lets you dodge him.

Regardless, he carries you off to a tiny, snowy jungle atop the bridge tower. Which is really weird, but try not to think about it. Instead, think about the convicts that keep materializing out of nowhere to punch you in the head, and the red stripe which indicates a lion charge is coming.

Also watch out for the leafy clumps. They look like something worth smashing, but they're actually spear traps that will damage you. So bypass them, and instead use White Tiger to cut through a screen of hanging vines upstage.

Use Ms Marvel on the revealed switch, then assemble the resulting blocks to make a little firepit. This gets the lion off your back.

This also causes Kraven to attack. Don't hit him while he's spinning his spear or actively attacking you, but otherwise keep up a steady stream of damage. He's particularly vulnerable right after finishing a charge.

As before, his death will create a Spidey Sense hot spot. Investigate it and dodge the Vulture's attack to be carried to a final zone- a fight against an robo'd up Doc Ock.

Doc Ock is a big bruiser, but he's not actually that tough. His jumps and projectile weapons (including thrown cars) give fair warning, and his hits don't actually hurt more than your average minifig's. The spider drones he sends out are also one-hit kills. A good character for all stages of the fight is Kamala, whose giant hands and stretchy attacks make it easy to get inside Doc's guard.

Defeating him completes the level.

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