Kree-Search and Development

Kree-Search and Development

Start by taking StarLord's team to the Hala section of Chronopolis.

Follow your marker in, and be met by a reception party of Kree warriors.

The only special is the flamethrower on the steps. Finish him off, and use his remains to construct a grav booster.

Enter the building, and explore the darkened first room. Smash everything, including the downstage silver block.

This reveals a console that will let you restore power. Simple stuff- just use the crane to match each plug to the socket of the same color.

Restoring the power gives you an overview of the facility. Press forward (which is to say, right), until the laser sentinels activate.

Beat up a couple kree guards, then, as Star-Lord, fly straight up from the burning pile of sentry.

Behind the strut up here is a purple stud, and a minikit.

Smash everything around the burning sentry, and build another grav booster.

This clears a way upstage. Smash all the crates, and use Lil' Groot to enter the revealed vent.

Pull the hang-lever all the way upstage to drop even more pieces back by the burning sentry. Use Rocket to fix them.

This creates a little shield tank that will get you past the laser-guards, but only if everyone (except StarLord) is on board. This is easiest to accomplish when Groot is riding on Rocket's shoulder. When the gang's all in place, press against the green bar to propel the tank forward.

On the other side, smash everything, including the panel with the big red cracks.

Have Rocket charge up the electro panel there to clear a jump-path to the right. The character you really need to get across is Groot. This can be tricky with all the AI characters bounding around you, but if you use his small mode, you can catch most falls by landing on the ridges under each platform.

Up top, use the local wreckage to build a Groot switch, and Groot it. This will lead to the final fight-sequence against Ronan.

The first stage of the fight is against his electro-hounds. The main tip is don't stand in front of them. Wait for them to finish their charges, then attack from behind. If things get too crazy, just start chucking grenades or grav bombs like there's no tomorrow.

When the hounds are down, Ronan attacks. He's similar to his pets but easier- wait for his spinny charges to finish, then attack him once he's dizzied.

Keep it up until the mission-ending cutscene plays

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