After being rudely ejected from Lemuria earlier, return for round two.

Begin by having Hulk lift the green handled seashell downstage left.

This reveals a giant crab that Stingray can control. Ride it over the chain anchoring the undersea mine, upstage right, and cut through it.

The mine knocks Attuma for a loop, but also frees Torg (is he not nifty?). Luckily for our heroes, Torg is incredible pushover- as Stingray, you can just keep punching without fear of a counter attack or even blocking.

When his health gets very low he'll make a break for the door- let him (keeping up the onslaught just delays the inevitable, and may even glitch the level). When he gets there, follow the button prompts as Hulk to win the wrasslin' match.

In the next room, have Strange magic the busted door back into place.

The camera will linger over the various opening clamshells. The goal here is to match the lights of the clamshells inside, with the lights of the clamshells outside. Hit the shells to cycle through the three possible colors.

When you've matched all six lights, turn the yellow crank in the center of the tube to de-flood it, and knock Attuma for a loop again. Your heroes will automatically move to the next room, where they face a battle royale against Kang-bots, Lemurians, and Torg.

None of them present a real threat- Cpt. Marvels powershots are one of the quicker ways to clear the field of goons, and Torg himself can easily be punched into submission. This won't kill him, though, so you need to find another way to dispose of him. Smash the golden items in the middle of the room (they're not laser-gold, just regular gold), and use them to build a giant banana.

Torg loves it. Which is odd, because he's an Abominable snowman from Antarctica, not a jungle ape, but why argue with success. The rise of the banana drops some new pieces- use them to assemble a shield stand for Cap and take aim at the shield bumper stage right.

This traps Torg, and raises a push-crank from the floor. Turn it to reveal an electro port that you can charge up with Thor.

This in turn activates a console that you can use to control a robot fish. Before anything else, use the fish to bite the floating treasure chest in the upper left. There's a minikit in there for you.

Then you can return to business, and use the robot fish to bite Attuma. He doesn't fight back or anything, just flees to a slightly different part of the screen. Least intimidating supervillian ever.

After three such episodes, he'll flee to a completely different part of the level. Back in the treasure room, you'll be attacked by less than a handful of fish soldiers. Wipe 'em out, then magic the door handle back into place.

In the next room, have one of the heavy-hitters knock down the cracked panel to flood the chamber, then swim out. The moment you're 'outside' (ie just before swimming through the giant sharkmouth), swim straight up.

Now swim left- so you're passing over the tunnel you were just inside of. At the end of this path is a minikit.

Turn back, swimming through the sharkmouth and past the jellyfish. Swim up the glass to finally confront Attuma face to face (and maybe notice for the first time that the fish-solders are all women. Huh).

In anycase, Attuma is about as ineffective as Torg when it comes to fighting- no counters or blocks to speak of (at least, none that he can use while being punched). You can just keep hitting him forever.

He is, in fact, such a bad fighter that it can actually break the game. When he reaches about half health, he's supposed to leap into the water, summoning some giant crab robots and a high class of goons. But if you keep up a non-stop pummeling, he'll die before triggering this event, and you'll have to restart the level. So, even though he is so very punchable, give him a breather now and again to make sure he's able to trigger his scene proper-like.

Once he does, wipe out the goons, and then punch out Attuma when he returns to complete the level.

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