A Pizza the Action

A Pizza the Action

Talk to interdimensional sophisticate America Chavez in Wakanda for this mission.

Follow your compass to each of the pizza places indicated. Generally you'll need to smash the cart or counter itself in order to get the pizza. Surprisingly few vendors object to this.

This pretty straightforward hunter-seeker stuff, but there are a few oddities. One is that the pizza in Hydra Empire seem to be in the trash can behind the hot-dog cart.

Another is that the Nueva York cart is inside a building- you'll have to enter from a mid-level walkway to get to it.

The last is that the slice in the Swamp is just floating free inside the shack next to the map display.

Also, the slices in Manhattan and Noir are inside shop fronts, but neither is hard to find.

When you've caught them all, return to America to unlock her for purchase.

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