Boss Fight: Killmonger

Complete all Wakandan Challenges (except races and the monument) to unlock this fight with Killmonger (like a killstealer, but more entrepreneurial).

The fight cycles through three phases in rapid succession. In one phase, Killmonger calls for loyal allies, and you have to fight his goons. Killmonger is invincible during this phase, so focus on taking out his goons.

This phase may overlap slightly with the next, in which Killmonger's giant cheetah charges at you- much like Kraven's pet back on Brooklyn Bridge, though this one can charge in any direction. It's also invicible, so just evade its charges by not standing on the broad red line.

In the final phase, which may overlap with the previous one, Killmonger attacks. This is the only time he's vulnerable, and he's pretty much only vulnerable to melee. Wait until he completes a charge or attack, then let him have it.

You'll go through this cycle several times before he falls- if the goon-punching is going slower that you like, try flanking and Stealth to hit enemies from behind. Either way, taking Killmonger to zero wins the fight, and adds him to your roster, along with a Who's The Boss point.

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