Mission 10 – Somethin’ I’ve Got To Do

Mission 10 – Somethin' I’ve Got To Do

By the time this cutscene ends, you'll have lost everything you ever loved. Which is to say, Lincoln will have lost everything- you're just playing a videogame. Whew!

Walk to Donovan's car, then drive back out to Sammy's. Once you arrive, Donovan will head out, leaving you on your own. Vault up through the window to revisit the scene of the crime, and confront the ghosts of your past.

Your ghosts wind up being semiliteral, but once you've staggered through them, you'll arrive back at the basement. One personal grooming cutscene later, you'll be all setup up in your new base of operations, and ready to fight back.

Achievement Alert – Completing this Mission unlocks the unmissable Achievement 'Somethin' I've Gotta Do.'

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