Mission 65 – Confront Frankie Bernard

Mission 65 – Confront Frankie Bernard

Follow the same game plan as before, entering from the southwest, near the baths, and taking the north stairs up.

This time, however, we'll a make a detour to the roof to take out the snipers there- they're almost impossible to shoot from the lower levels, if things get loud later. Reach the roof through the PERSONNEL ONLY doorway off the stairs and head up.

There are only two snipers- whistle-killing will take them out, and potentially save you a ton of trouble later on. Descend down the other stairs from the roof top to pick up a tac vest, if you're not already wearing one.

Now you can make your way back to the blackmail rooms. They're not as crowded now- take out the one guy in the photography suite, and one guy at the bar for a clean shot at Frankie.

Frankie can be whistle-lured to the door, and there are no more hostiles left to interfere. Shake him until cooperation comes out, then claim the zone for yourself. As discussed earlier, Vito is an ideal candidate to take over Downtown, but there are no actual penalties for giving it to another underboss.

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