Mission 7 – Still Pull This Off

Mission 7 -Still Pull This Off

When you have control again, you'll have finally caught up to the vault fight from the beginning of the game. Take out the guards using your freshly minted Intel View [V] to track their locations. Your next objective is to regroup with Giorgi, but you might pause to nab the nearby med kit first.

Once the power is cut, the guards will again pour in from three sides, but they'll show up farther west than before. Either follow the new tutorial on swapping cover to outfox them, or fall back toward the vault for a more defensible position. The largest clumps of guards come from the elevator, so be ready to spray that area with machine fire to avoid getting mobbed. If you're playing on Hard mode, swap out with the pistol to dispose of close targets, saving the machine gun for grouped enemies.



Once the last wave is down, head back to the vault for adventures in chapter breaks and dynamite.


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