Pocket Mortys Cheats & Cheat Codes for iOS and Android

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Pocket Mortys Cheats & Cheat Codes for iOS and Android

Pocket Mortys is a wildly entertaining game that brings the absurd world of Rick and Morty to your fingertips. Developed by Big Pixel Studios and released in January 2016, Pocket Mortys quickly grew a fanbase and earned critical acclaim from reviewers. The game is available on both iOS and Android. With its engaging gameplay, witty dialogue, and charming art style, Pocket Mortys has been praised for its faithful representation of the source material and its exciting mechanics.

Do Pocket Mortys cheat codes work? As for any known cheat codes or exploits, the game has one notorious exploit called “Blips and Chitz” that allows unlimited in-game currency. But as with most modern games, there are no embedded or intended cheats in the game. Instead, players find ways to work around the system; whether that’s fair is up to you.

Pocket Mortys Premise

This addictive game is about players collecting, training, and battling various Mortys across the multiverse. As described by Big Pixel Studios, “In the vast and chaotic multiverse, an eccentric genius named Rick Sanchez has devised a new invention that allows him to capture and train various versions of his young grandson, Morty Smith.”

Each Morty has specific skills and abilities and is the key to an interdimensional tournament called the “Morty Games.” Players take the role of a Rick from a parallel universe, who will battle other Ricks for supremacy as the ultimate Rick and become the Morty Champion. It’s Pokémon with Rick and Morty. The game has all the humor from the show and fun, engaging mechanics.

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Pocket Mortys Main Characters

It’s no surprise the main characters in Pocket Mortys are Rick and Morty, but there is enough variance between the different dimensions that they feel like other characters.

  1. Rick Sanchez: The eccentric and brilliant scientist known for his reckless behavior and questionable ethics.
  2. Morty Smith: The young and often naïve grandson of Rick, who is captured and trained by Ricks from various dimensions to compete in the Morty Games.
  3. Council of Ricks: A group of Ricks from different dimensions who oversee the Morty Games and enforce the rules. The Council of Ricks drives the storyline and gives the game a sense of direction.
  4. Mysterious Rick: An enigmatic character who appears throughout the game, offering hints, advice and occasionally challenging the player to battles. His true motives and identity are shrouded in mystery.
  5. Various Mortys: Pocket Mortys features a wide variety of Mortys from different dimensions, each with their own unique abilities, appearances, and personalities.
  6. Rival Ricks: Throughout the game, the player encounters rival Ricks competing in the Morty Games.

Then there are numerous Mortys to choose from. There are far too many Mortys to list, so here are the most popular ones:

  1. Original Morty
  2. Scruffy Morty
  3. Hobo Morty
  4. Old Morty
  5. Rabbit Morty
  6. Super Morty Fan Morty
  7. Roller Derby Morty
  8. Spooky Morty
  9. No Mercy Morty
  10. Peace Morty
  11. Wrestler Morty
  12. Mystic Morty
  13. Punk Morty
  14. Robot Morty
  15. Cronenberg Morty
  16. Reverse Mermaid Morty
  17. Guard Morty
  18. TOTM Morty
  19. Morticia
  20. Mortox Morty
  21. Multi Morty
  22. Two Cat Morty
  23. Punk Cat Morty
  24. Lizard Morty
  25. Exoskeleton Morty
  26. Ancient Morty
  27. Guard Morty
  28. Gaseous Morty
  29. Rainbow Shirt Morty
  30. Unicorn Chaser Morty
  31. Sunflower Morty
  32. Business Morty
  33. Mini Morty
  34. Flaming Morty
  35. Ghostly Morty

Pocket Mortys Main Titles

Pocket Morty has no major main titles in the series, as it’s the only one. The game also didn’t release any known DLC. The game still has updates. There was an update in August of last year. Those updates usually introduced new features, Mortys, gameplay, game modes, and more! 

Based on the news of Big Pixel Studios shutting down in 2020, the likelihood of a sequel is low. Nonetheless, fans remain hopeful of some return to the franchise.

The game’s creativity continues to receive praise, leaving open the possibility for another publisher to take the reins and make another attempt at Pocket Morty.

Pocket Mortys Cheat Codes

There are multiple known exploits in Pocket Mortys. One of them allows you to earn free money in-game.

During the playthrough, Rick will ask for $100. If you wait 24 hours, it will turn into $700 when you talk to him again. Instead, before giving him the money, turn off your wifi/internet and log back into the game. When you give him the money, you can immediately ask for the money back and repeat the process.

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One of the most legendary exploits was the Blips and Chitz exploit but it has been patched from the game. The exploit involved a glitch in the Blips and Chitz vending machine. Players would start by having a significant amount of Schmeckles and then visit the Blips and Chitz location in the game. They would purchase a Blips and Chitz ticket at the vending machine, which costs 500 Schmeckles. However, instead of using the ticket immediately, players would force to close the game without completing the purchase.

When players reopened the game, they were pleasantly surprised that their Schmeckles hadn’t been deducted. The most exciting aspect of this exploit was its repeatability, allowing players to take advantage of it multiple times. No other cheat codes for Pocket Mortys are currently known, aside from these few exploits.

Pocket Mortys Cheat Codes FAQ

How do you get legendary Morty?

Ah, the fabled Legendary Morty, the rarest of the all. As you could probably guess, the process is a bit strenuous so buckle up. You’ll first need to earn eight badges from the Council of Ricks. One you have collected eight badges, a new NPC will have spawned in the main common zone. Their name is Masy Kallerax. He’ll ask for Purified Fleeb juice. Head to a crafting station, stick a Fleeb and Turbulent Juice in the machine. He’ll then reward you with an Egg Morty. Then, you must level your egg up from five to 20. Once you do that, you’ll own The One True Morty.

What is the rarest Morty?

By far the most powerful and rarest Morty in the game is the above mentioned The One True Morty.

How do you upgrade egg Morty?

The best way to level up Egg Morty is by hot-swapping your Mortys. Let the Egg Morty start the battle initially before swapping it out for someone else. Then, once your new Morty finishes the task, both will be rewarded experience. The process is tedious and tiring, but it’s worth it in the end.

Another way to do this is to collect and save Mr Meeseeks Box items. The item instantly defeats another Morty, allowing your Egg Morty to beat any Morty. Then your Egg Morty will collect all the experience points himself. If you haven’t noticed, your Egg Morty can do no damage, so it needs help.

Why are my Mortys locked?

As mentioned on the official FAQ page, “A recent game update automatically locks any Mortys that are a part of your Fight Pit team. To unlock them, remove them from your Fight Pit team, then you should be able to individually unlock them. This was done to prevent a trade and Fight Pit exploit.”

Does Mortys have controller support?

No, the game does not have controller support for any official platform like iOS and Android. If you play through an emulator on your PC, then is a chance a controller could work.

Does Pocket Mortys Have Cloud Support?

As of version 1.6, all data is saved to the cloud, so even if you delete the app and redownload it, it should have all your data. The same goes for any saved files. You can’t manually save the game, but instead, the game automatically saves for you.

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