Ultrawings 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Ultrawings 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Ultrawings 2 is an action flight simulator virtual reality game developed by Bit Planet Games. The game was released in 2022 and received generally positive reviews from players. There was praise for its updated graphics, multiplayer, and controls, but players found the missions too easy. While the game may not be good for those looking for an in-depth flight simulator, it’s perfect for players who want an arcade-style flying game.  

Ultrawings 2 Premise

Like other flying simulation games, players fly around while completing various challenges. These challenges include missions like flying through multiple checkpoints, battling other aircraft in dogfights, or landing the plane on a landing strip. While the gameplay is simple and perhaps barebones to some, it’s a big improvement from the first game released five years prior.     

Ultrawings 2

Ultrawings 2 Main Characters 

You are the main character in the flying simulator. As a VR game, players take on the role of aircraft pilots as they fly around freely in the skies. While there aren’t characters to choose from, there are five unique aircraft to choose from.

Ultrawings 2 Video Games in the Series

The developers created two other games in the series and two other titles. Each one is guaranteed to be fun, especially if you enjoy VR flying games. However, the sequel has many more features and quality-of-life updates not present in the previous games.

  • Sol: Exodus (2012)
  • The Battle of Sol (2015)
  • Ultrawings (2017)
  • Ultrawings Flat (2019)
  • Ultrawings 2 (2022)
Ultrawings 2

Ultrawings 2 Cheat Codes

Only one cheat code available in the game was added to the Meta Quest 2 Version. While in the office, use the touch controller to enter the code below and receive 500k in your bank.


Ultrawings 2 Cheat Code FAQ

Does Ultrawings 2 have cheat codes?

By entering ABXYABXY while in the office on the Meta Quest 2, you will receive 500k in your bank. However, this is the only code available. Any other alterations to the game would be through using mods or exploits.  

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