Aya: Forgotten History

Forgotten History

Locations: Aya, Voeld, Kadara, Elaaden

After being given access to the Market on Aya, track down Avela Kjar in her Museum (or 'Repository of History').

She'll ask you to look for Angaran artifacts in the places where she cannot go. If you've already completed Uncovering the Past on Voeld, you may already have one artifact she's looking for (if not, check our guide for Uncovering the Past).

Your next planet-of-opportunity is Kadara. On a mountaintop quite close to the Herbal Entrepreneurs are the scattered remains of a Remnant site.

There are plenty of containers to loot, but the artifact will be found unencased, half buried in dirt near the highest point of the ruin.

Return it to Avela to reveal its history as a bioelectric musical instrument.

The last relic is on Elaaden. Follow your mark to bit of ruin & Scourge in the deep desert.

There are containers to loot, but on a central pedestal is the relic you're looking for- an ancient starmap

Each relic returns grants an Viability bonus- returning the last relic closes out the quest. A male Ryder can also use this opportunity to launch a minor romance with Avela, if he's been diligent with his flirt commands.

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