Aya: Safe Journeys

Safe Journeys

Location: Aya

Once you've visited the Vault on Aya, stop by the control room at the Docks and speak to an Angaran named Maariko (I think he used to be engaged to Wolverine?).

He's honored to meet you, and will ask that you check on satellites which have mysteriously gone silent, as have the crew sent to find them. Agree to help and, if you haven't yet, snag the Angaran Shuttle Model on a workstation on the left side of the main window.

Find the first navpoint in your current sysem, Onaon. It's right and down from the sun, outside the orbit of any planet.

This reveals an empty spot where the sat used to be, but you can still scan that empty space for Remnant research points. The same goes for the next navpoint in the Sabeng system- far right of the sun and just outside the farthest planetary orbit.

The third point is in the Joba System, down and a bit right of the sun, between the orbits of the third and fourth planets.

This one at least has a comm buoy, giving the path of the vessel that Maariko sent out, and Heleus Research Data when scanned. Now the trail leads back to Eriksson, up and slightly left of the sun, just outside the farthest planetary orbit.

It would be nice to find one of these wrecked ships with a survivor in it someday, but it's not going to be today. Scan the wreckage to find that the ship was fragged by scavengers out of Kadara port.

Land in Kadara. Here the navpoint gets really confusing- it'll say you have to go back to the Tempest, but what it really wants you to do is wander around Kadara until Suvi contacts you over the comm to say she's got the ship's location. This often seems to happen just after you've reloaded a game in Kadara, so if if you're still waiting for her call, try that from a few different locations.

Once she's given you the data, make your way north through the Haarfel region. You'll almost certainly encounter armed resistance and other subquest triggers, but soldier on until you find the outpost at the navpoint.

The raiders here have about the same capabilities as Roekaar- nothing too terrible, but you'll want to use cover to keep from getting chewed up in the crossfire. Also keep an eye out for Sharpshooters on the periphery of the fight.

There's a Berserker here too- not so threatening in a wide open space like this, so you might leave him for last and concentrate fire.

Once the fight's over, follow your objective to a Shipping Crate that has the remains of the stolen satellites.

Activate the forward station north of here, and return to Aya.

And now it's time to see what your Ryder is really made of. Maariko will greet wou warmly on your return, and ask for your news. When you tell the story, he'll ask if these scavengers were Angaran or Initiative.

If you tell him they were Initiative, then no matter what you say after that he'll be disgusted with you, and refuse to even take back the satellite parts that your kind stole from his. Gil can salvage them for a few odds and ends. If you're willing to lie right to his face, however, Maariko will give the Initiative his astronomical data, which gives you 73 AVP- precious AVP that can't be bought, bargained for, or crafted. How much is that worth to you?

Either decision completes the mission (NOTE- with the new patch allowing you to max out Nexus levels, AVP are more valuable than ever).

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