Elaaden: Cache Flow

Cache Flow

Location: Elaaden

Because 'Cold Hard Cache' on Kadara wasn't pun enough. This is another 'find the thing at random points' quest. In this case, it's Remnant data caches in Remnant ruins. Find enough to score a navpoint to the very northwestmost corner of the map

You'll find a minvault entrance there, surrounded by parked scavenger vehicles.

There's no resistance up top, so enter the vault and take the well down. There are raiders hidden in the gloom here, but they won't attack until you start moving.

Clear them then loot a small container from the high, back platform, and a larger container in the the usual overhang below.

The rest of the vault is just moving forward and mowing down exiles.

You'll face the usual rank and file, but watch out for a clutch of sharpshooters toward the end of teh hall- they can catch you by surprise if you're focused on closer targets. At the end of the hall is a Destroyer- your best bet is to let it get in good an close with the enemy Hydra, then attack while it's distracted.

When the opposition is cleared, enter the room at the end of the hall to scan the sindly cores there, and complete this mission.

Note that there are a couple containers in this end room, and a Remnant cache back in the elbow of the main corridor, that be solved thusly.

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