Elaaden: Hidden Vault

This taskless vault appears on the east side of a giant sinkhole.

No loot in the entry hall, so g-well down and grab the container on the high platform behind you.

Head north into the vault- you'll actually find some light Assembler resistance on the near side of the door.

Past the door, a short passage leads to the main room, which has both Nullifiers and Turrets.

Both are better taken down from a safe distance, but if you have to, the depression in the middle of the room actually makes excellent cover. When your enemies are in pieces, open to the door west reveal a hidden Remnant Data Core in another floor depression.

Through the door north of the central room is a chamber with some pillars and high platforms.

Activate the consoles in order central, right(east), left(west) to deactivate all the pillars, then hit the central console one last time to trigger the proper configuration. Hop up the pillars and to the wall platform for a console, which opens a door elsewhere in the complex.

Follow its command ray through the door east of the main chamber. Quite a number of Assemblers are lurking, if you didn't deal with them earlier.

Clear them out and enter the room to find the receiver console, and a Remnant Cache. It needs glyphs to decrypt, so start scanning. The first is on the wall just south of the container.

The second is on the south side of the door way.

Unlock the cache thusly.

You can also hop up the little wall ledges for a lesser container, and scan a spinny core in the south corner. These events somehow trigger a Destroyer spawning in the west tunnel. You've already retrieved the data core, but if you want to fight it, there's no real reason not to.

After that, you're all set.

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